25 September 2005

week 3 & 4 of la liga

really, is there anything we want to talk about other than real?
real madrid of course. first, they lose, yet again, this time to espanyol. yes, it was another strange/controversial goal - was there a whistle? does it matter? - and 2 red cards. but that was only the preview for the real fun midweek. hurrah! woodgate is alive & is actually starting a game! booooo! he manages not only an own goal but also a red card on his debut! hurrah!

also of note......
my torres is scoring again... sometimes for a win (against barca no less) and sometimes in defeat (against real sociedad after having a 2-0 lead for almost an hour).

two 2-2 draws for valencia - one in an action packed game against deportivo (lots of nastiness, fouls, red cards & spitting in this one!) and another against barca in midweek. david villa is not only a cutie, but also on a bit of a scoring streak - he was responsible for 3 of those 4 goals.

and my bilbao has 2 defeats to see them drop into the bottom half of the table.

but the big surprise is looking at the top of the table....celta & getafe??? yay for the underdogs!