24 August 2005

European games

just a few thoughts...

Champions League: poor Everton. they fought a brave fight & Arteta had a nice goal but Villareal was just too strong. maybe they will have a better chance in the UEFA cup. Man Yoo, Inter, Ajax, & the Pool went through without any problems. Real Betis overcame Monaco to reach the group stage of the CL for the first time in their history a feat for Udinese as well. Congrats to both - I like underdogs (as long as they don't stand in the way of my boys in blue & their march to the final ;-) ).

Intertoto Cup
the match in Europe with all the action was one of the three finals in this competition: Marseille v Deportivo had 3 red cards, 10 yellows, 6 goals & a bust up in the tunnel at halftime! now that's some european action! (Marseille won the battle & move on to the Uefa Cup to join another french club, Lens)

Week 4 of Ligue 1

Auxerre, Auxerre, Auxerre! What happened??!!! 7 goals conceeded??!! I thought, ok, you were down to 8 men & had your third choice keeper and it was hailing. But, no. None of those things happened. You just had a bad bad day and Lens had a fanf*ckingtabulous day. And my cuite Pieroni gets a yellow card on top of it! Merde.

Toulouse v St. Etienne

Moreira not only has his good looks but his fantastic freekicks to keep my eye on him....... consider him my latest french hottie.

Ajaccio v Le Mans

My little corsicans missed chance after chance and could only manage a scoreless draw at HOME. This is not good. This is not how to stay in the top 10 or even in the top flight. It's early in the season but I hope this is not a sign of what's to come. *worried*

Week 2 & 3 of the EPL

Chelsea here, Chelsea there, Chelsea everyf*ckinwhere
OK, so we won by a lucky goal against an Arse that played poorly but we woke up against West Brom: nice Frankie goals - the new father - & a sweet baby celebration by all the boys; and wow - Joey Cole went from summer highlights to a Frankie-wannabe no-hair do...... can you please bring back your cute spikey hair Joey? I think new boy Del Horno has been a solid player in both games. And where did Titi disappear to during the Chelsea game? Jenny actually thought he was subbed off after not seeing him for the most of the second half!

Arsenal v Fulham

At least Titi showed up for this game..... even if he began by "winning" a penalty Pires-style within the first 10 minutes. Oh sweet justice when Lauren's shot was saved! But Captain Fantastic came back in style in the second half with 2 goals. Poor Fulham, they started off so brightly - penalty saved & scoring first.... I thought it was going to Chris Coleman's day.

Spurs Love

I've heard the requests, so here it is.... I am impressed. Great start to the season, a great coach, some amazing strikers.... little Mickey Owen better watch out - if he can't get a game, Defoe is going to steal his England spot; just check out his fantastic goal against Middlesbrough. A point away from home against Blackburn & ahead of Arse in the tables = best beginning of the season ever for all you Spurs fans out there. No wonder I chose Robinson for my fantasy football goalkeeper!

Liverpool v Sunderland
yay! Luis Garcia got a hiarcut & he's as cute as ever! Wish I could say the same about Cisse's hair......... at least I was distracted by the lovely freekick from Xavi.