24 August 2005

Week 4 of Ligue 1

Auxerre, Auxerre, Auxerre! What happened??!!! 7 goals conceeded??!! I thought, ok, you were down to 8 men & had your third choice keeper and it was hailing. But, no. None of those things happened. You just had a bad bad day and Lens had a fanf*ckingtabulous day. And my cuite Pieroni gets a yellow card on top of it! Merde.

Toulouse v St. Etienne

Moreira not only has his good looks but his fantastic freekicks to keep my eye on him....... consider him my latest french hottie.

Ajaccio v Le Mans

My little corsicans missed chance after chance and could only manage a scoreless draw at HOME. This is not good. This is not how to stay in the top 10 or even in the top flight. It's early in the season but I hope this is not a sign of what's to come. *worried*


Elisa said...

Where is the love for PSG? Troyes played real well too. I cannot believe that they disallowed 2 perfectly onside goals by Pauleta. We were robbed!

Looks like Skunkboy is going to Stuttgart with Trappie.

jtgulls said...

Thanks for the update Elisa. Hope Skunkboy can get a game there.

Jenny said...

Pauleta is SO HOT i bought him for my fantasy team.

..yes, i DO mean the fantasy football, you smutheads.

i think PSG are back on track, but who knows if it will last? As usual, League 1 does NOT fail to entertain.

I'm looking forward to Auxerre dusting themselves off and showing what they're made of this weekend.

Nikki from the Treble said...

it's going to be a tough task for auxerre.... against lyon! and my poor corsicans go to marseille which could end in heartache!

Elisa said...

Jenny agreed. Pauleta is quite a hottie. Ooh I love Ligue 1. Too bad I sucked this week on fantasy football. I got an email in French - but je ne par le france =(.