15 January 2006

f.a. cup

there were some great games in the third round of the f.a. cup.
yes, we had some usual big guns taking care of the minnows (bolton knock 3 past watford, robbie fowler knocks 3 past scunthorpe for man city, & a very hot carlo cudicini lets in a goal against huddersfield but chelsea still win it 2-1) but we also have some unexpected results like the 0-0 between burton albion and man yoo. once again, manyoo puts out a second /third team that can't get the job done against a lower league side. there seemed to be no cohesion in the manyoo midfield, no linking up with the strikers. the fans were not pleased & it wasn't just the chant of "fergie fergie sort it out" that lead me to believe that. but burton were entertaining - esp. the mascot confusion. i researched burton and their official mascot is called billy brewer. so why did a girl come out - all made up & carrying a handbag? was billy in drag??
we also had a fantastic 0-0 game between torquay & birmingham city. the birmingham players did not have any confidence and the torquay players looked as if they were having the times of their lives. that alone should be telling - just think of how happy barcelona always look. the attitude speaks volumes.
even though i will pretend that the next game ended 3-1 to luton, i can still admit that it was another cracker. yes, stupid liverpool won it 5-3 but luton town looked to be heading for a shock win after a couple of great goals & scoring a penalty (right after cisse missed one for the reds). the luton fans were havin a ball too - esp. giving stevie g. hell every time he mispassed a ball:"who are ya? who are ya?". at least kewell did not add any fuel to the fire by only sporting one ponytail... i can imagine the luton fans would have laughed him out of the park if he showed up with his double ponytail 'do. and yes, alonso's goal was nice. i like the boy since he's basque.
and then there's poor spurs. i'm sure going 2-0 up against leicester got everyone in the party mood.... and they were some good goals too. it's too bad the players did start partying too early and forgot to defend. and what a great comeback from the leicester players - esp. scoring the winner in injury time. at least the fulham fans can join in spurs' misery after they were knocked out by leyton orient.
and so onto the fourth round.... ooooh, and what do i see? bolton v arsenal? another chance for big sam to defeat the mighty arse? aaah, the magic of the cup. ;-)