20 October 2005

week 7 of la liga

madrid derby
ok, i know that atletico madrid fans have a reputation to match that of lazio's but i heart torres so i gotta cheer him on. esp as it's his life ambition to score against real madrid as a born & bred atletico boy. he didn't score this time & i really think, when he finally does do it, he'll break down in tears. bless.
he might have been in tears anyway, after this game. atletico go a man and a goal down by the 8th minute of the game and it doesn't get any better for them. could it be that all of real's whingeing & crying about the ref on THEIR WEBSITE before the game actually made a difference?? let's just say: BABIES. wah wah wah. even with a man advantage, real couldn't stop atletico ripping through their midfield.... but then it did show when there weren't enough bodies to break down the defense once they got near the penalty box. oh well. and will i even complain about the foul not called in favour of atletico in the dying minutes of the game & how real went and scored the third on the counter? HELL YES.
and wow. guti out-blonds beckham, doesn't he? do you think there are jealous glances in the dressing room?

deportivo v barcelona
aah diego tristan. i knew you were not the brightest bulb on the tree when i first noticed the "9" shaved onto your head but then, you prove my point even further by being petulant and kicking the ball away after a call you did not like and having said ball actually hit the assistant ref. yellow card much?
great game overall - some really nice goals from deportivo who manage to come back for the draw. the penalty by deco was a freakin joke - the keeper gets that ball as deco theatrically dives over. and is it my imagination or does time STOP when ronaldinho has the ball? no one seems to move and it's as if we've suddenly gone all slo-mo while he performs some mind-blowing fake-out on the defenders....... let's just say i'm a fan.

other notes: oh, athletic bilbao: so many chances, so few goals. i get enough of this heartache from the french & italian leagues, i do not need it from my basque boys too! i fear this will be a very long season indeed; wow. did you notice the glow-in-the-dark away kits from cadiz: all neon green & black?? i did & now i'm BLIND!; while over in valencia i only wish i was after seeing canizares's hair! note: a bleached blond mullet is NEVER the answer. NEVER! and for anyone who also follows MLS: don't you think that canizares is kevin hartman's prettier, thinner twin? oh my god! they could totally do a patty duke remake!! brilliant!

18 October 2005

week 11 of ligue 1

marseille v psg
all kinds of craziness on the south coast for the biggest rivalry in france. accusations of 'chemical warfare' being waged on psg before the game even begins (complaints of an overpowering smell of ammonia) and of marseille officals insulting the psg players add spice to an already heated affair. oh! and look at that, barthez is back, ready with his usual madness.... at least there was only one psg player who said he deliberately tried to injure him.
did anyone else notice that the teams came out to van halen's jump? and we have a new skunk boy! marseille's number 22, samir nasri, has the same haircut but not the same stark colour contrast....... yet.
a former psg boy scores the one and only goal to win this game for marseille for the first time in 3 years against the capital club.

great game, great atmosphere, even if the home fans were a bit naughty by raining down objects onto rothen every time he takes a corner. it must be that terrible blond hairstyle they object to so much.

lyon v ajaccio
my little corsicans were robbed!! robbed i tell ya!! there was that first goal that fred scored where the assistant ref had raised his offside flag, but the ref decided to give it to lyon anyway. there was all the little kicks and fouls that lyon were allowed to get away with (ok, they got a few yellow cards but come on! they were kicking the crap out of the corsicans!). and then there was the winner that ajaccio scored, after coming back TWICE, and were fouled in the box but still the goal doesn't count because of an accidental hand ball in the box when the attacker was pushed down by all the lyon bullies.
*grumbles* stupid league leaders. i will concede that juninho had his usual lovely freekick goal.

nantes v st. etienne
a nice chip from the nantes boy over the usually fantastic (and fantastically weird) st. etienne keeper janot. i will praise him even with that idiotic tattoo on the back of his head. oh and nantes got lucky as they had a handball/penalty not called against them. at least they are one place ahead of ajaccio in the table (15th).

auxerre v troyes
luyindula had a nice nice goal and he is a cutie... and he used to have terrible hair but got a nice trim. he should really call drogba and give him a heads up. my cutie pieroni doesn't get to come off the bench until the very end of the game. *sigh*
but i do find another monster on the pitch: check out the medusa wannabe #29 sajma. you'll see what i mean when you see the snakes in his hair.

week 9 of the epl

lots of fun this week, lots of talking points......

chelsea v bolton
ok, let's get it out of the way. yes, it should have been a red card. fine. and that could have changed the game, yes. or, jose in his infinite wisdom, still would have made the necessary tactical changes and won this game. maybe not by the same scoreline.
chelsea show they are vulnerable again by giving up a goal in the 4th minute (!): jt needed to be more central, especially when del horno is missing that pass. bolton gave chelsea a good game in the first half and probably were quite happy at halftime..... little did they know jose was already drawing diagrams on the board. a tactical change and suddenly, it's a different game. and that's even before the handball & red card for cutie gardner. and i can't even begin to explain how pleased am i with the new & improved drogba - that backheel to frankie was lovely and his 2nd goal was even lovelier. oh and frankie is so much cuter with his spikey hair grown back.
big sam fashion watch: nice brown shirt with tan stripey tie. very smart.

birmingham derby
no goalkeeping gaff?? villa wins?? where the hell am i? i thought this was birmingham v villa?

at least we had o'leary spicing things up at the end with his 'celebrations'. the winning goal from phillips was nice too.

spurs v everton
i heart television. before the game begins, the camera is on simon davis (since he made the move from spurs to everton over the summer) and it catches him accidentally squirting water in his eye. priceless.
poor toffees. what happened to that solid defense? they let two goals in both from headers, nices ones from mido and jenas (both cuties too!). tsk tsk.

wigan v newcastle
i officially declare newcastle to be the inter of england: lots of bad/thinning hair and no cuties. blegh. too bad they can't win some games like inter but they certainly have the same luck - shearer's header was so a goal that crosssed the line.

west brom v the arse
hee hee hee.
wow. not the best start to the season for the gunners, eh? kirkland had one of those fantastic games, the ex-arse player kanu scores against his old team and carter scores a cracker to win it for the minnows! i didn't even mention flamini's horrible horrible sideburns! yuck!

liverpool v blackburn
so this is where chelsea's red card got missplaced! although they usually deserve their red cards, i think rovers were unlucky here. and we were all unlucky to *ahem* enjoy cisse's latest hairstyle. it's true that it's not as bad as some of his past ones but this one makes him look about 10 years older than he actually is. not flattering at all. but pretty boy moro is back & has a nice bobo-like miss so at least cisse has that on him.

sunderland v manyoo
sunderland didn't play all that bad and elliot's goal was a beauty but manyoo was a little too much for them. cute little italian-american rossi scores on his debut and i really am starting to rate park as the stand-out player for the red devils. the criticism of him being simply an asian marketing tool seems off the mark to me.

other notes: 2 beautiful goals in the latest london derby (charlton v fulham), nice goal from andy cole for man city (his 1st of 2 goals), & portsmouth manage not to lose.