13 December 2005

week 15 & 16 of epl

who would have predicted 2 losses for arsenal in these 2 weeks? i mean, yes, of course, i dream of weeks like this.... but damn. things not looking too great for a certain team in north london.
and i don't mean spurs who have 2 hard fought wins in these past 2 weeks. a 3-2 win against sunderland (nice carrick goal and even better sunderland freekick) and then a 3-1 win over portsmouth (ha ha). mido shaved for that game although he still needs a haircut. and oh. my. god. that stupid bell again! the pompey fan is an away game traveller! arrrghh!
chelsea win twice, each thanks to a jt header. i heart our captain.
liverpool, i hate to say, are still scoring goals & not conceeding any.... b*astards. at least there are hotties involved - it's always nice when either luis garcia or moro scores and they hug each other (see both the wigan game & against boro). and of course, the big news (hahaha, i'm soo funny) is that crouch finally scores - twice against wigan. i'm sorry but that was not an own goal. i give that to crouch.
manyoo wins against pompey but can only draw against everton. oh dear. do i hear the knives sharpening for sir alex?
and then there's the arse. oh dear oh dear oh dear. *sniggers*
first a pretty gutless display against bolton sees them go down 2-0 and then some bad luck/calls sees a 1-0 defeat at newcastle. where's titi's sparkle? maybe his head is already in spain....... oh and lehman is such a jerk. the biggest one on the team. and that's saying a lot!

week 14 & 15 of serie a

oh my. my luca toni (mmmmm luca toni) has now gone 2 games & no goals!!! it's his mini-slump! first, there was the game against the rubentusbastardi. poor toni almost scores.... everyone thought it was going in and it came off the post instead. damn. the fiorentina fans were having fun: there was a nice display of a giant yellow sun against a purple background, there were the chants of "juve juve vaffanculo", and then the flipping off of the juve supporters (they have supporters that actually go the games??). juve score, fiore equalized but then stupid camoranesi has to score the winner & celebrate with a stupid fake guitar solo. he only wishes he was as cool as a rockstar. as if. *snorts*
at least fiorentina won the next week but more bad news for luca toni (mmmmm luca toni). la viola get a penalty & toni's spotkick is saved! at least fiore had a nice header to win it.
oh roma roma roma. do i have tears left to cry? first we go up 2-0 against lecce and it looks like we could win a game! but no, we aren't playing that well even though cassano has a lovely chip for the opening goal. there's a handball in the box that should have been called for a penalty for us but that doesn't excuse our messy defense letting in the first goal. lecce's second, from a penalty that wasn't, doesn't even look like it's the end of it but somehow, we manage a draw. poor spalletti is having fits on the sidelines. it doesn't get any better for him the next week when we lose at home to palermo. the marking on the set pieces is craptastic and yet another cassano goal cannot save us. at least totti's haircut still looks hot.
so onto the milan clubs. one has lost 2 games, the other has won 2 games. can you guess which?
surprisingly enough, it ac milan who has lost 2 in a row. once to chievo and then once to their city rivals. inter, on the other hand, fought for a 1-0 against ascoli to prepare for the milan derby.
and what a derby it was! quite entertaining actually. as long as you are not a milan fan i suppose. sheva was the captain as maldini was sidelined (looking hot, i might say) & the inter fans (it was their "home" game) were really up for it. the kalaze/martins battle drew blood in the first few minutes (kalaze's face) and then martins causes trouble in the box & nesta goes down, gets a yellow and inter get a penalty kick! poor nesta looks confused. oh wait, that's his usual look.

anyway, milan get a penalty too (handball in box off a freekick) and we are all square. but dida, who usually never makes these kinds of mistakes, fumbles a freekick in the second half & martins scores the rebound. it's all quite back and forth action - stam scores a milan equalizer but it never looks finished and then adriano pops up in injury time, on a corner. that milan marking is simply not there and inter have their winner. the place goes WILD - adriano rips off his shirt (damn him for having a shirt on underneath) & mancini is jumping around like he won the scudetto. bless.

12 December 2005

week 17 & 18 of ligue 1

oh la la. 2 more games & two more losses for my little ajaccio. it seems like i say that every week. both of these were 1-0 so it would make all the difference in the world if we could just FREAKING SCORE A GOAL.
to be fair, we did score against troyes but it was unfairly called back. our finishing sucks- as witnessed here and against nice. we had a handful of fans who even travelled to that game. bless. at least we had some actual shots on goal for once. but that still doesn't change the fact that this was our 8th loss in a row.
losing is something lyon does not do. first they score twice against psg who never looked to be in the game. carew had a lovely goal, as did fred. but the next week, they are actually held to a draw at st. etienne. the fans for les verts were bouncy as usual & the shirtless gang was out in force even though it was obviously freezing. those are some tough boys. or they are drinking something special before/during the game. janot makes an excellent save from a juninho freekick & coupet makes an excellent save towards the end as well, so this ends 0-0.
the week before st. etienne lost to lens. perrin's goal for st. etienne was a cracker; he's quite a cutie and he's a born & bred st. etienne boy. bless. i don't think i have ever noticed how cute the lens keeper is either.
psg picked themselves up after the lyon game & won easily against rennes. 2 pauletta goals does the trick.
my auxerre are still up & down. they lose 1-0 against marseille but crushed nantes 4-0 the week before. my pieroni scores & it looks like he has had a recent haircut.... ah, even cuter than normal.
and finally, monaco take 4 points in 2 games to bounce back after the loss against marseille. modesto, the cutie, scores against le mans and almost manages to make it 2 in 2 games at nantes. it was so cold there that the boys on the bench were huddled under a blanket! they probably wanted to pull it over their heads when they saw adebayor have his penalty kick, and therefore the potential game winner, saved by the nantes keeper. ouch.

week 14 & 15 of la liga

i guess i should be pleased that my athletic bilbao has managed 2 points in 2 games..... while atletico madrid's same tally is just pitiful. the two met each other in week 14 & i am at least pleased that bilbao had plenty of chances... if only they could could score. it was a nice kezman goal for madrid; the bilbao defense was totally caught out. bilbao at least kept fighting & grabbed a goal in the dying seconds. that was after the drama in the box... not the usual kind either. this was a flare/firecracker thrown into the goal while a corner was happening - 2 players go down from the bang. it was quite scary but everyone was ok. which is more than i can say about madrid away kits: bright yellow & black is not a good look and it makes no sense with their normal colours. but really, is it as bad as yeste's hair? his tail is worse than vincente's!
madird then have another 1-1 with alavez. damn. have i never paid attention to alavez before?? the keeper is a hottie! but that didn't help him save a lovely torres goal. it's too bad that the madrid defense can't ever hold on to a lead and it ends all square. at least the madrid boys looked cute in their matching blue gloves & shorts. bless.
bilbao gave us an entertaining 1-1 draw with valencia the following week. they actually go ahead first - the surfer boys were a defensive mess for the freekick taken. but that was the high point for bilbao. tarantino is red-carded and they spend the rest of the game chasing valencia. it was only a matter of time before valencia scored. aimar had some pretty runs and it was off a freekick & an assist by aimar that vincente scores. david villa had a bit of handbags with a few different players but valencia never manage to get a winning goal.
at least valencia won the week before against espanyol. villa & aimar do combine to score in this one and that really was one hot celebration... although confusing when aimar rubbed villa's tummy. does villa have a bun in the oven? did aimar promise him an ice cream if he helped him score? i must know!!! please, oh please, vincente, take yourself & canizares to the hairdresser asap. thanks. x
what's barcelona doing? oh winning of course. nothing new there. against villareal they all wore tshirts with messages to xavi who is out for the season. that's so sweet. messi looks great again but motta & sorin seem to be battling for the title of worst. hair. evah. eeeeew. and did anyone know why there was a blue dinosaur hanging out before the match? villareal's mascot is a blue dino?
the nest week, there is sweetness again when ronaldinho's mum comes out to present him with the golden ball. aaawwww bless. so, of course, he had to score. it's nice to see rijkaard back after being out sick esp. as he is in the top 3 hottie managers.
and then there is the train wreck that is real madrid. you can't help but watch. it was 2 wins in these 2 weeks. the first undeserved, the second, under a new manager, they looked worth the win. against getafe, it was casillas keeping them in the game, again, and becks losing his temper and getting red carded, again. against malaga, zizou & robinho were on, casillas was on, and becks was out. it was a fantastic robinho goal and he really is a cutie. and did i imagine it or is zizou sporting awolfman type look in preparation for keane's arrival? we know keano will miss giggsy.

world cup draw

look at this....
not only am i catching up on my normal game blog, i'm adding a little extra. that's what happens when i do all my work weeks ahead of time so i can go watch football games over the holidays. until then, it's freetime galore which means i might actually keep up with my entries.
so on that note, let's have a few thoughts about the world cup draw.
first off, here in the states, and more importantly in los angeles, we could watch the draw live on the spanish channel where they showed all the pre-draw nonsense. that means i "enjoyed" the bleached-blonde feathered-haired tight-trousered magician, the song & dance by children & the giant lion mascot, the musicial stylings of superstar juanes (hey, don't laugh, i knew who he was; not saying i'm a fan...) & all those touching montages of past players & games. a spectacular show indeed.
but enough of that, let's get to kobi jones looking like an idiot. were you as worried as i was that he would drop one of the all-important balls like he dropped something from his lap when he was first introduced/called up to the stage?
ok, seriously, the draw itself. isn't it strange how exciting it can be to watch grown men stand around and draw little plastic balls out of giant bowls, hand them over, and watch another man open each one? now that i write it out, it seems vastly wrong that i spent my whole morning at work, sitting on the couch watching that rather than doing any actual work. or maybe i mean that is vastly right.

ok, ok. the groups:
A: germany, costa rica, poland, ecuador. yes, germany has got it easy. we will all have a right laugh at them if they do not top this group. but i think i am more concerned with the lack of hotties in this group. i do not think ballack can carry that flag all by his lonesome.
B: engalnd, sweden, paraguay, trinidad & tobago. england, with all of their boasting, better take the top spot here. i know sweden are good but if you are going to go on and on in all the papers about how you can win the world cup with all the amazing players you have...zzzzzzzzzz. oh sorry. dozed off there for a moment. i also see some nice thighs in this group.... terry, lamps, ibrahimovic, larsson, ljungberg, cole.... mmmm. yes, the sweden v england game will be entertaining for a variety of reason.
C: argentina, netherlands, serbia & montenegro, cote d'ivoire. ah yes, our first group of death. and let's just be real, this is a bad hair nightmare group. think of what kind of combinations we could get.... sorin v drogba alone should be enough to convince you that this is the group to watch & not just for the football.
D: mexico, iran, angola, portugal. a group in which it's time to show they're worth it. all have something to prove and i can only hope they manage better overall hair dos than group c. the mexico team usually keeps it short & simple compared to the south americans so there is hope.
E: italy, ghana, usa, czech republic. damn. another group of death but let's face it, a group of some hotties as well. as long as we discount nedved. think of toni, essien, bocanegra.... and really, is there anyone cute on the czech team? i remember talking about someone during the euros.... but when i think about it now, all i see is nedved. blegh. oh and if italy do not top this group & make my life easier, i'll fly over & pelt them with tomatoes myself.
F: brazil, croatia, australia, japan. it's all about second place here. i mean, we all know they are headed all the way so why give them such an easy group?? ok ok. it wasn't fixed... but sheesh. and not alot of cuteness here. what a dissappoint overall.
G: france, switzerland, korea republic, togo. i'd love to see the swiss & togo go on to the next stage.... is that just too bitchy? i will say the togo v france game will be nice to watch; those teams both run like gazelles. i will also enjoy the swiss & their pale hair versus the various dyed hairs of korea republic. it'll be the clean boys versus the rockers.
H: spain, ukraine, tunisia, saudi arabia. mmmmm. the hottest team in the tournament. all of my spanish hotties will be the eye candy... as long as no one does anything too crazy with his hair (yes, i am talking to you, torres). i am already laughing at the prospect of a dumb american announcer calling out the names during the ukraine v tunisia match... that will be highly entertaining.

did you really expect me to tell you something as boring as the two teams who will advance? give me more time and i'll tell you the top hotties to advance to the next round of hottness.....

11 December 2005

week 16 of ligue 1

some really good games in france this week & that doesn't even include the 1-1 draw between nice & lyon that everyone was celebrating. hey, even when lyon drop a couple of points, it's cause to celebrate.
first, we have an entertaining 1-1 draw between st. etienne & bordeaux. both teams are having excellent seasons so far and it shows. the players are up for it and the fans, well, the st. etienne fans always look up for anything. the display of the giant crest before the game starts is spectacular, only to be outdone by the shots of the shirtless boys in the stands. whatever that group is, i wanna become their friend. *ahem*
st. etienne give their fans something to celebrate by scoring first & the noise in the stadium is incredible. the players celebrate with cute little cheerleader-style leaps. bordeaux tie it up with a great goal but it looks to be st. etienne's day until a bordeaux defender hurts himself with a great save off the line. it only gets worse when darcheville (doesn't he have the best name in all of france??) gets a red card for kicking out at one of the st. etienne boys and this ends all square.
another great name, fabian cool, keeper for auxerre, has a good game and keeps a clean sheet in the le mans v auxerre match. my cutie pieroni scores a nice freekick. sometimes, picking your fantasy football players on looks alone works. i think i'll try picking the top 11 hotties next season and see how far that gets me.
marseille manage a win at home against monaco although their fans still seem less than pleased with their players. a ballboy almost gets yellow carded for being a little too enthusiastic & coming onto the pitch. bless.
my ajaccio lose again (big surprise) but i was entertained by the toulouse boys walking out onto the pitch, in their lavender kits, holding hands. *giggles* only in france. the corsicans have not scored in 5 weeks now. now that's depressing.
and finally, the match of the weekend turns out to be the psg v lens game - quite a goalfest. the psg fans give a nice display of the french flag before the real fireworks start. lens score within the opening minutes of the game but never fear, pauletta is here. he makes chipping the lens keeper look oh so easy. he actually does it twice in this game. too bad the psg defense can't hold things together. lens actually go up 4-1 at one point - the lens boys are so thrilled they perform cute little dances after goals 3 & 4 and the poor psg coach looks absolutely shellshocked on the bench. at least psg attempt a comeback but it's all too late in the end.

week 13 of serie a

roma v fiorentina
i know i have been waiting for this..... my cute roma defenders against luca toni (mmmm luca toni). yes, i've been worried. we haven't been playing well and toni is scoring left & right. but still, we all knew this was going to be good.
it starts really well for roma - tomassi & cassano both in the starting 11 and then they combine for tomassi to score in the 2nd minute. and then roma actually play some pretty football in the midfield and i am shocked. i will admit, i was already fretting, because we can never go ahead that early in a game and hold on to it but i was trying to be positive. i even feel like we have luck on our side when doni drops a shot but kuffour is there on the line to save what surely would have been a goal. yes, toni is trouble (the battle between him & mexes is all kinds of cute & they even start to get a little pushy with each other) but when he has a sure shot on goal & i know he's going to score, dacourt comes in with a perfectly timed tackle. he's taken off because of injury and my cutie aquilani comes on ( who seems to have taken after totti and got his hair cut too! it's darling!).
then, it all goes wrong. and not just a little wrong. this is roma so it has to go spectacularly wrong. my mexes, who was having an excellent game, gets a red card & fiorentina get a penalty. all undeserved. mexes looks to be in tears on the sideline and i'm right there with him. this is a typical day in the life of a roma supporter. toni, of course, takes the penalty & scores it and for once, i'm not pleased to see his goal tally rise. at least we still are fighting for a win as we are down to 10 men. you couldn't actually tell that they had one more player if you weren't told. and the other bright spot is that when cassano is subbed off, it is to applause rather than to the boos & whistles he received midweek in the uefa cup.
of course nothing else goes right in italy. lazio win, juvebastardi win. ibrahimovic is a major jerk & hits one of the treviso players in the head with the ball. and what exactly is alex del piero doing with his sideburns? they just look wrong.
milan manage a last second win via a pippo goal. it's just so cute when bobo runs over to hug him from the sidelines. it's not like he has anything better to do - he was warming up the whole second half and never came on.

week 13 of la liga

have i mentioned how scary good barcelona are right now? it's both beautiful & frightening to watch. at least the robot that is ronaldinho (if you are listening to the show, you get that joke) proves that he is human after all - he misses a penalty! *shock horror* he gets another chance, later in the game, and scores it, and he & messi & eto'o rip through santander's midfield & defense as if they are playing a youth squad. some amazing runs, some amazing goals from both eto'o & messi. *shivers* have i mentioned how scary good they are right now?
let's just use the word 'scary' for real madrid. if i was a madrid fan, i'd be scared of performances like the one against real sociedad. we could look at the bright side and say "well, they came back from 2-0 and managed a draw." and with the way they were playing, that is quite a feat. but really, it was pretty undeserved. they continue their red card madness (ramos again, becks almost) & zizou save them again but it's not looking good. unlike the real scoiedad boys, who do look good: prieto is a cutie.
then there are my cuties that are valencia. david villa scores again - he is darling - even if he won't shave off that stupid patch of hair from his chin. valencia had some great moves but some not-so-great finishing. luckily, it didn't hurt them and this was a relatively easy 2-0 win. and i didn't even mention how cute aimar was when he was finally subbed on in the second half! hot damn!
oh. my. god. did hell freeze over? because my bilbao finally won a game! their first since the first day of the season!! i'll take a hard fought 1-0, winning goal scored from a freekick. i'd take just about any kind of win right now.
and finally, my torres has gone missing again from the scoresheet and atletico madrid only manage a draw. they go ahead with a beautiful goal by luccan but then bad defending on a corner gives up the equalizer.

week 14 of the epl

all seems normal in england... chelsea win again, sunderland lose again, titi scores a nice goal and then acts like a jerk....
oh and everton remember what a win tastes like. although it's at the expense of a missed handball in favour of newcastle. poor newcastle. even their midget has been sidelined lately.
it's the joey cole show at the pompey v chelsea game. and if you weren't driven mad by the dinner bell (??) you would have seen a nice crespo goal too.
the new boys continue to impress (well, aren't we all impressed by the absolute awfulness of sunderland?) even though they all lose this week. wigan try to come back against spurs, who are notorious for losing their concentration towards the end of the game, but it is not to be. maybe they were distracted by tottenham's ugly away kits. and west ham get off to a great start against manyoo... scoring in the first few minutes. but manyoo, or should i say rooney, bounce back and win it.
liverpool grind out another one-nil win. at least it was a nice risse goal.
and finally, the arse entertain us for some pretty goals. i was also highly entertained by blackburn & their bruiser boys (hello savage!) trying to break spanish legs (poor reyes). titi had a good enough goal to thump his chest in celebration *rolls eyes* but really, van persie's goal was better.