12 December 2005

world cup draw

look at this....
not only am i catching up on my normal game blog, i'm adding a little extra. that's what happens when i do all my work weeks ahead of time so i can go watch football games over the holidays. until then, it's freetime galore which means i might actually keep up with my entries.
so on that note, let's have a few thoughts about the world cup draw.
first off, here in the states, and more importantly in los angeles, we could watch the draw live on the spanish channel where they showed all the pre-draw nonsense. that means i "enjoyed" the bleached-blonde feathered-haired tight-trousered magician, the song & dance by children & the giant lion mascot, the musicial stylings of superstar juanes (hey, don't laugh, i knew who he was; not saying i'm a fan...) & all those touching montages of past players & games. a spectacular show indeed.
but enough of that, let's get to kobi jones looking like an idiot. were you as worried as i was that he would drop one of the all-important balls like he dropped something from his lap when he was first introduced/called up to the stage?
ok, seriously, the draw itself. isn't it strange how exciting it can be to watch grown men stand around and draw little plastic balls out of giant bowls, hand them over, and watch another man open each one? now that i write it out, it seems vastly wrong that i spent my whole morning at work, sitting on the couch watching that rather than doing any actual work. or maybe i mean that is vastly right.

ok, ok. the groups:
A: germany, costa rica, poland, ecuador. yes, germany has got it easy. we will all have a right laugh at them if they do not top this group. but i think i am more concerned with the lack of hotties in this group. i do not think ballack can carry that flag all by his lonesome.
B: engalnd, sweden, paraguay, trinidad & tobago. england, with all of their boasting, better take the top spot here. i know sweden are good but if you are going to go on and on in all the papers about how you can win the world cup with all the amazing players you have...zzzzzzzzzz. oh sorry. dozed off there for a moment. i also see some nice thighs in this group.... terry, lamps, ibrahimovic, larsson, ljungberg, cole.... mmmm. yes, the sweden v england game will be entertaining for a variety of reason.
C: argentina, netherlands, serbia & montenegro, cote d'ivoire. ah yes, our first group of death. and let's just be real, this is a bad hair nightmare group. think of what kind of combinations we could get.... sorin v drogba alone should be enough to convince you that this is the group to watch & not just for the football.
D: mexico, iran, angola, portugal. a group in which it's time to show they're worth it. all have something to prove and i can only hope they manage better overall hair dos than group c. the mexico team usually keeps it short & simple compared to the south americans so there is hope.
E: italy, ghana, usa, czech republic. damn. another group of death but let's face it, a group of some hotties as well. as long as we discount nedved. think of toni, essien, bocanegra.... and really, is there anyone cute on the czech team? i remember talking about someone during the euros.... but when i think about it now, all i see is nedved. blegh. oh and if italy do not top this group & make my life easier, i'll fly over & pelt them with tomatoes myself.
F: brazil, croatia, australia, japan. it's all about second place here. i mean, we all know they are headed all the way so why give them such an easy group?? ok ok. it wasn't fixed... but sheesh. and not alot of cuteness here. what a dissappoint overall.
G: france, switzerland, korea republic, togo. i'd love to see the swiss & togo go on to the next stage.... is that just too bitchy? i will say the togo v france game will be nice to watch; those teams both run like gazelles. i will also enjoy the swiss & their pale hair versus the various dyed hairs of korea republic. it'll be the clean boys versus the rockers.
H: spain, ukraine, tunisia, saudi arabia. mmmmm. the hottest team in the tournament. all of my spanish hotties will be the eye candy... as long as no one does anything too crazy with his hair (yes, i am talking to you, torres). i am already laughing at the prospect of a dumb american announcer calling out the names during the ukraine v tunisia match... that will be highly entertaining.

did you really expect me to tell you something as boring as the two teams who will advance? give me more time and i'll tell you the top hotties to advance to the next round of hottness.....


jtgulls said...

Now that is the type of analysis you can't get anywhere else!

Well done Nikki.
We need to get somebody to underwrite a Treble at the World Cup trip so we can get daily updates from Germany. ESPN? FOX? Sirius? Somebody needs to step forward.

Jenny said...

yes... Somebody
all takers welcomed.
and, Nikki, you're a bloody genius. if my hair ever gets as pofy as that magician Sigfreid-n-Roy wannabe, please slap me.

Elisa said...

Nikki I just love your WC draw post here.

A couple of my comments.

Group A - fixed come on now! Potentially a snooze fest. Kahn v Dudzek - eew!

Group B - another fixed draw. Hopefully our Brits will not disappoint or die of boredom. Hottie alert - Roque Santa Cruz from Paraguay. Hopefully he will be fit, because he is the team. Merry ol England need to cover Ibra aka baby huey.

Group C - group of death - both good and bad to look at. Argentina - Good Aimar & Lucho, Bad Riquelme. Holand Bad Van Horsie, Robin VP, Robbin, Cocu, wait I can't think of any good. Serbia - bad Kezman aka the wolfman. OK I give up. But great footy!

Group D - Looks like Mexico and Portugal got it made. Jared and QuiQuin v Ronaldo and Figo (aka Heckle and Jeckle) . Interesting stuff. Lots of drama and scowls.

Group E - Second group of death. Will Italy choke? I think not. Will Czech Republic choke? I think not. Ghana - solid. Time for the US to prove they can play with the big boys....

Group F - Another fixed group for the reigning champs. Maybe they will take it too easy and get complacent. Yes!

Group G - A little boring with France and Switzerland matched up again as in the qualifiers. Possible upset? who knows. Time for Titi to show his stuff. Possibly his last world cup. Trez too.

Group H - Finally some luck for España. But they need to win this group decisively and go for the attack. Sheva will be a problem. Who knows if he is the whole team? Time for Spain to prove themselves and shake off that national mental melt down anxiety that has hung over them. Aupa España! OK I am biased for the hottest national team.

Elisa said...

Hey guys I will try and keep a log or diary of my week in Germany and of course lots of pics! I will do my best!

Nikki from the Treble said...

thanks elisa! i'm so jealous!
and thanks jt - i'm glad you enjoyed the post!