13 December 2005

week 14 & 15 of serie a

oh my. my luca toni (mmmmm luca toni) has now gone 2 games & no goals!!! it's his mini-slump! first, there was the game against the rubentusbastardi. poor toni almost scores.... everyone thought it was going in and it came off the post instead. damn. the fiorentina fans were having fun: there was a nice display of a giant yellow sun against a purple background, there were the chants of "juve juve vaffanculo", and then the flipping off of the juve supporters (they have supporters that actually go the games??). juve score, fiore equalized but then stupid camoranesi has to score the winner & celebrate with a stupid fake guitar solo. he only wishes he was as cool as a rockstar. as if. *snorts*
at least fiorentina won the next week but more bad news for luca toni (mmmmm luca toni). la viola get a penalty & toni's spotkick is saved! at least fiore had a nice header to win it.
oh roma roma roma. do i have tears left to cry? first we go up 2-0 against lecce and it looks like we could win a game! but no, we aren't playing that well even though cassano has a lovely chip for the opening goal. there's a handball in the box that should have been called for a penalty for us but that doesn't excuse our messy defense letting in the first goal. lecce's second, from a penalty that wasn't, doesn't even look like it's the end of it but somehow, we manage a draw. poor spalletti is having fits on the sidelines. it doesn't get any better for him the next week when we lose at home to palermo. the marking on the set pieces is craptastic and yet another cassano goal cannot save us. at least totti's haircut still looks hot.
so onto the milan clubs. one has lost 2 games, the other has won 2 games. can you guess which?
surprisingly enough, it ac milan who has lost 2 in a row. once to chievo and then once to their city rivals. inter, on the other hand, fought for a 1-0 against ascoli to prepare for the milan derby.
and what a derby it was! quite entertaining actually. as long as you are not a milan fan i suppose. sheva was the captain as maldini was sidelined (looking hot, i might say) & the inter fans (it was their "home" game) were really up for it. the kalaze/martins battle drew blood in the first few minutes (kalaze's face) and then martins causes trouble in the box & nesta goes down, gets a yellow and inter get a penalty kick! poor nesta looks confused. oh wait, that's his usual look.

anyway, milan get a penalty too (handball in box off a freekick) and we are all square. but dida, who usually never makes these kinds of mistakes, fumbles a freekick in the second half & martins scores the rebound. it's all quite back and forth action - stam scores a milan equalizer but it never looks finished and then adriano pops up in injury time, on a corner. that milan marking is simply not there and inter have their winner. the place goes WILD - adriano rips off his shirt (damn him for having a shirt on underneath) & mancini is jumping around like he won the scudetto. bless.


jtgulls said...

"the place goes WILD - adriano rips off his shirt (damn him for having a shirt on underneath)"

I think we know you too well Nikki. When I saw the highlights, I thought you would chastise him.

Whenever I read your "mmmmmmmm Luca Toni" comment, I think of that "mmmmmm Northern boys love gray" clip from SoccerAM.

Elisa said...

Palermo and Sampdoria seem to be improving. Also the Flying Donkey's of Chievo. Making it interesting. Livorno with Luccarelli fit are dynamite too!

I just want to cutoff Camornesi's pony tail.

Luca Toni is just so!!!

Nikki from the Treble said...

oh jt, you know me so well. i shake my head at myself.
and just for fun: mmmmmm luca toni.