12 December 2005

week 14 & 15 of la liga

i guess i should be pleased that my athletic bilbao has managed 2 points in 2 games..... while atletico madrid's same tally is just pitiful. the two met each other in week 14 & i am at least pleased that bilbao had plenty of chances... if only they could could score. it was a nice kezman goal for madrid; the bilbao defense was totally caught out. bilbao at least kept fighting & grabbed a goal in the dying seconds. that was after the drama in the box... not the usual kind either. this was a flare/firecracker thrown into the goal while a corner was happening - 2 players go down from the bang. it was quite scary but everyone was ok. which is more than i can say about madrid away kits: bright yellow & black is not a good look and it makes no sense with their normal colours. but really, is it as bad as yeste's hair? his tail is worse than vincente's!
madird then have another 1-1 with alavez. damn. have i never paid attention to alavez before?? the keeper is a hottie! but that didn't help him save a lovely torres goal. it's too bad that the madrid defense can't ever hold on to a lead and it ends all square. at least the madrid boys looked cute in their matching blue gloves & shorts. bless.
bilbao gave us an entertaining 1-1 draw with valencia the following week. they actually go ahead first - the surfer boys were a defensive mess for the freekick taken. but that was the high point for bilbao. tarantino is red-carded and they spend the rest of the game chasing valencia. it was only a matter of time before valencia scored. aimar had some pretty runs and it was off a freekick & an assist by aimar that vincente scores. david villa had a bit of handbags with a few different players but valencia never manage to get a winning goal.
at least valencia won the week before against espanyol. villa & aimar do combine to score in this one and that really was one hot celebration... although confusing when aimar rubbed villa's tummy. does villa have a bun in the oven? did aimar promise him an ice cream if he helped him score? i must know!!! please, oh please, vincente, take yourself & canizares to the hairdresser asap. thanks. x
what's barcelona doing? oh winning of course. nothing new there. against villareal they all wore tshirts with messages to xavi who is out for the season. that's so sweet. messi looks great again but motta & sorin seem to be battling for the title of worst. hair. evah. eeeeew. and did anyone know why there was a blue dinosaur hanging out before the match? villareal's mascot is a blue dino?
the nest week, there is sweetness again when ronaldinho's mum comes out to present him with the golden ball. aaawwww bless. so, of course, he had to score. it's nice to see rijkaard back after being out sick esp. as he is in the top 3 hottie managers.
and then there is the train wreck that is real madrid. you can't help but watch. it was 2 wins in these 2 weeks. the first undeserved, the second, under a new manager, they looked worth the win. against getafe, it was casillas keeping them in the game, again, and becks losing his temper and getting red carded, again. against malaga, zizou & robinho were on, casillas was on, and becks was out. it was a fantastic robinho goal and he really is a cutie. and did i imagine it or is zizou sporting awolfman type look in preparation for keane's arrival? we know keano will miss giggsy.


Jenny said...

how freakin HOTTT is Aimar? Hot dayumm.

Elisa said...

Pablo Aimar and his shaggy hair - here here.

OK Nikki - just look at Vicente's body ok, ignore the hair.

Casillas is the man. I am going to go on a limb and call him player of the year for Madrid now. I hate to say it but we need to buy a midfield and more defenders. We need to put some of our geriaticos and galacticos out to pasture. We need to fire El Presidente before his contract is up in two years. Come on! The fans need to take over the club.

Nikki from the Treble said...

i agree - casillas has saved that team a few too many times.