13 December 2005

week 15 & 16 of epl

who would have predicted 2 losses for arsenal in these 2 weeks? i mean, yes, of course, i dream of weeks like this.... but damn. things not looking too great for a certain team in north london.
and i don't mean spurs who have 2 hard fought wins in these past 2 weeks. a 3-2 win against sunderland (nice carrick goal and even better sunderland freekick) and then a 3-1 win over portsmouth (ha ha). mido shaved for that game although he still needs a haircut. and oh. my. god. that stupid bell again! the pompey fan is an away game traveller! arrrghh!
chelsea win twice, each thanks to a jt header. i heart our captain.
liverpool, i hate to say, are still scoring goals & not conceeding any.... b*astards. at least there are hotties involved - it's always nice when either luis garcia or moro scores and they hug each other (see both the wigan game & against boro). and of course, the big news (hahaha, i'm soo funny) is that crouch finally scores - twice against wigan. i'm sorry but that was not an own goal. i give that to crouch.
manyoo wins against pompey but can only draw against everton. oh dear. do i hear the knives sharpening for sir alex?
and then there's the arse. oh dear oh dear oh dear. *sniggers*
first a pretty gutless display against bolton sees them go down 2-0 and then some bad luck/calls sees a 1-0 defeat at newcastle. where's titi's sparkle? maybe his head is already in spain....... oh and lehman is such a jerk. the biggest one on the team. and that's saying a lot!


jtgulls said...

New entries!
Great week: Michael Owen returns and new blog entries.
Yes Nikki - I have linked you with our #10.
Now no more pins in your little Mickey doll and no wishes for bad shrimp. Newcastle needs him in the lineup if we are to get a chance at Europe or a good FA Cup run.

Glad to see that you're back with your musings.

Jenny said...

but who wants newcastle in europe? there are enough teams wearing prison stripes already competing for those trophies.
and, nikki, speaking of gutless... how come you haven't said anything truly evil about the most hideous and disastrous manager in the Premiership?

Elisa said...

Yea - Liverpool is on a beautiful run. Too bad Japan is going to harm us for Xmas. So many hotties too - Luis, Xabi, Moro, Stevie G (yes Stevie G!) and big Pepe. Crouchie is finally making himself a nouisance for everyone. Yes we have a bean pole giant! I think we are finally working as a team. Thank you Rafa! Thank you! For a few days we were ahead of Manyoo! Well here is to the champions of the World Club and Europe! Come on you reds!

Poor 'Arry! He always gets himself into pickles. Poor little Pompey!

T'Ham is impressing...

Poor little Reyes is having alot of injury problems! We need more players in January or we are going to lose Titi. Come on Le Boss! Quit dumping on little Cesc and all the youngies.

Nikki from the Treble said...

ok ok. no more wishing bad shrimp on the midget.

jtgulls said...

Look at that!
Nikki lifts her "bad shrimp" wish on the midge, er, I mean on the great Michael Owen and he scores a hat trick!

Way to go Nikki. Thanks.
Your powers are great.

Nikki from the Treble said...

i know jt! i was impressed with my magic too. ;-) look at that midget go!