17 August 2005

Week 3 of Ligue 1

nantes v ajaccio
2 really nice goals give my little corsicans their first win of the seaon & puts them 8th in the table! woo hoo! this might be as good as it gets for us all season!

marseille v lyon

the marseille fans are up for this & spur the players to score in the opening minutes, carew scores AGAIN to tie it up for lyon but my biggest concern is for coupet's hair!!! what the hell happened? bangs & highlights??!!!? sacré bleu!

auxerre v bordeaux

my number one french cutie (and star striker of my french fanatsy team) luigi pieroni scores to hand bordeaux their first loss of the season, go hotties go!

nice v sochaux
ref on crack alert: 3 red cards, penalties for both sides given but one saved, retaken, then scored while the linesman said "hey ref, you are on crack" and nixed the other spot kick, the home fans were not pleased to say the least.... which you could tell as they threw so many objects at one goal that the ref took the players off the pitch for 10 minutes

15 August 2005

Week 1 of the EPL

Middlesbrough v Liverpool:
Please oh please can we stop acting like Gerrard is a god??? He's not even the best midfielder in England. Maybe I am just bitter but European Champions??? You're havin' a Laff!

West Ham United v Blackburn:
What a freaking good goal by Reo-Coker & a brilliant name to boot. Throw in the giant hammer as a mascot and it's a great start to the season for the Hammers. Blackburn begin exactly where they left off - as thugs.

Wigan v Chelsea:
oh dear. our midfiled sucks. why are frankie & eidur & robben still all on holiday? has anyone told them that the season has started? Wigan knows it has; they fought for every ball & went for it 110%. they gave us more trouble than the Arse did at the Community Shield. at least there is a positive for me: I have been a big Crespo supporter over the summer so my yelp of pleasure when he struck in the dying moments of the game was for him, for me, and for the three points. and Jose shows his class for admitting it was an underserved win.

Everton v Man U:
best chant of the weekend: "you fat b*stard" sung by the Everton fans to Rooney as he slices a freekick

Fulham v Birmingham City:
most embarrassing site of the weekend: the poor Fulham boys on stationary bikes on the sideline

Trofeo Moretti

Italy has these 3 team mini-tourneys that are quite fun to watch. team A plays team B for 45 minutes then the loser plays team C in the next match with the winner playing team C in the final match. you score the normal points and whomever ends up with the most, wins a trofeo (trophy). this year's Trofeo Moretti (yes, as in birra) was held in Napoli between Juve, Inter & Napoli. poor Inter lost both their mini-matches and Napoli won the tournament after very bizarre penalties..... essentially it was a striker versus the goalie but the striker starts about 10 yards outside the box & does a little run-up/one-on-one against the goalie. Napoli scored both of theirs while poor Juve (*sniggers*) didn't score either kick.

be very sad if you missed this. here are just a few highlights:
the insane Napoli fans who booed and whistled Juve non-stop - even while Juve were playing Inter (and I *heart* them loads for that)
the insane Napoli fans who freaked out & rushed the camera every time they saw they were in a crowd shot
Rubentus's new jerseys: first their arrogance to put lo scudetto on both the front & back of the new home kit & making the away kit look like one big scudetto (it's all bright red with giant white & green stripes down the shirt)
Inter's #17 (Arrieta) who looks about 17 and did the most clumsy 17 yr old-esque fouls. bless his cute little self.
Figo's hair is not as big with Inter than it was with Real. I approve.
Zebina being his usual sh*t self, Capello having fits, Nedved & Del Piero looking as uninspiring as ever, all the mean-spirited fouls & nudges from the whole stinking squad... and don't even get me started on Camoranesi.
oh, and I can say something nice about the b*stards: Ibrahimovic's thighs are still lovely.