15 August 2005

Week 1 of the EPL

Middlesbrough v Liverpool:
Please oh please can we stop acting like Gerrard is a god??? He's not even the best midfielder in England. Maybe I am just bitter but European Champions??? You're havin' a Laff!

West Ham United v Blackburn:
What a freaking good goal by Reo-Coker & a brilliant name to boot. Throw in the giant hammer as a mascot and it's a great start to the season for the Hammers. Blackburn begin exactly where they left off - as thugs.

Wigan v Chelsea:
oh dear. our midfiled sucks. why are frankie & eidur & robben still all on holiday? has anyone told them that the season has started? Wigan knows it has; they fought for every ball & went for it 110%. they gave us more trouble than the Arse did at the Community Shield. at least there is a positive for me: I have been a big Crespo supporter over the summer so my yelp of pleasure when he struck in the dying moments of the game was for him, for me, and for the three points. and Jose shows his class for admitting it was an underserved win.

Everton v Man U:
best chant of the weekend: "you fat b*stard" sung by the Everton fans to Rooney as he slices a freekick

Fulham v Birmingham City:
most embarrassing site of the weekend: the poor Fulham boys on stationary bikes on the sideline


jtgulls said...

Nikki, which of these matches is the one to keep if you're building a library of top matches for this season?

Nikki from the Treble said...

while i think the everton/man u game was excellent i can't help but rate wigan's showing against the champions as the performance of the weekend

Hannah said...

West Ham United v Blackburn I thought was a good game, West Ham made a great mvve when they signed Teddy Sherringham last season. I thought he had a good game and even though he is on in years he might be adding to his 20 goals from last season.

Schwah said...

Where's the love for the Spurs??? Listening to your August 8 show, you all didn't even list them in the top 7 for the upcoming season. They're definitely making Europe this year.

Green Bay Pete said...

Typical Liverpool, boring as hell. Marsailles v. Lyon was much better. Sylvain Wiltord is still an As# I see.
Tough to lose to Chelsea anytime.(I could show sour grapes by saying the CS is an exhibition, but oh hell, shut me up)
Nikki, next time say that "special" word in Italian. "Cazzo" is much classier.

scott from MN said...

hey nIkki,
great blog.
As a fellow Chelsea supporter I REALLY hope that Jose will put a boot in the players ass. They were awful. I'm sure they will get thier stuff togeather, and everything will be fine, but what a horrible display.
On a good note, it shows the strength of the team that they could play that bad, and still not drop any points.
take care,

Jenny said...

Spurs love:
Martin Jol is a genius. He has the potential to take this well-built team to Europe. Then again, Arsenal has had the potential to win the Champions League many times lately... Mwahahahaha!
I think Spurs are going to play very entertaining football this season because they aren't under the same kind of pressure not to slip up that Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester Utd, and Liverpool are under. I mean seriously, how many Spurs fans REALLY EXPECT their team to finish above mid-table? Everyone knows they CAN do it, but Spurs fans wouldn't dare actually EXPECT it. That's why Spurs fans are great. The end.

Nikki from the Treble said...

hey green bay pete,
i just updated the blog with some french notes & i do agree with you when it comes to wiltord but damn, he's been great for lyon.
i agree with jenny. i see spurs heading for europe next season but all of my spurs friends (and i do have many) consider saying that aloud to be a curse.

Anonymous said...

Nikki - you are just jealous of Stevie G. He's better then Lampard Nyah, Nyah!

And regarding Chelski - I think they have a bit of the Champions-itis disease, but they will wake up. They don't call him the Special One for nothing. And look out for Crespo!

Arsenal and TiTi gotta wake up too.

Where's the love for PSG? Go Pauleta, Go!

Great idea with this blog!

Elisa from Sierra Madre

mando said...

Nikki, Wigan were fine, and Chelsea were caught looking ahead to Arsenal, but I'm afraid to say that a good Premiership coach like Paul Jewell can find the weakness in any team (even Chelsea). Essien better be all they rate him to be or they're in trouble. Either way, they should fear themselves more than Arsenal or ManU and the complacency that winning the league brings. The cracks are showing. Just ask Carvalho.