02 October 2005

week 5 of serie a & la liga

things a bit more interesting over in spain than in italy...

italy sees the big three win - milan easily over treviso, inter with a 1-0 over a scrappy & tough fiorentina (toni looked yummy, as usual, mmmmm luca toni), and juve comeback after going a goal down to parma to win 2-1. and i have to say, as nice as his thighs are, ibrahimovic is a prat.
and my roma can only manage a 0-0 draw against cagliari. once again, they don't play badly, they just can't finish their chances. and that is a lot more frustrating in my opinion. oh, and aquilani, while i know totti is probably one of your all-time heroes as a romanista, please do not grow your hair out to be just like his.

while over in spain, we get High Entertainment whether it's an action packed game from barca or strange celebration from madrid.
or fanciful hair as in the espanyol v villareal game. luis garcia has what i can only describe as pure danny zucco on top/front and then a bad 80s tail in the back. now that's entertaining in a laughing at him sort of way.
there were cuties to entertain me in the valencia v real sociedad game: both goalscorers for valencia (aimar & villa) fit that description.
betis v barca: in the first 20 minutes we get a missed penalty from eto'o, a betis goal, then a betis red card - for the ever-popular sarcastic clapping at a ref. barca use that man advantage in the second half to win this easily 4-1.
alaves v real madrid: can we start having red cards for just plain bad goal celebrations? like the weird dying bug display from ronaldo & robinho. nice goals and all but dumb dumb celebrations. and ronaldo, we do call you a fat b*stard so how do you think your thighs look when you are on your back, flinging your legs around in the air, the flab flapping in the wind?
ewwww, i think i just grossed myself out with that imagery.

week 7 & 8 of the epl

let's talk promoted teams:
i would have said west ham is the best of the bunch but look who is the highest amongst the three...... WIGAN???
up, wigan. a win over everton and then even a bigger win over bolton see wigan climb to 8th(!!!) with 4 wins. that's mighty impressive.

but i think west ham have been playing the best football out of all three; they gave the arse a good game and look able to beat anyone with the right motivation and spirit.
but let's face it, sunderland actually finally winning a game is the surprise of the bunch. i was almost willing to bet they'd go another 20-odd games without a win in the top flight. but they beat middlesbrough with 2 lovely goals and then follow that up with an almost win against west ham.... once again, their lack of 100% concentration for the full 90 minutes makes them pay.

bolton & big sam are still in the top 6 of the table. yes, they lost against wigan but the week before saw a lovely goal from nolan to beat portsmouth 1-0. entertaining over all - especially with big sam freaking out on the sidelines and perrin doing the now infamous "sarcastic applause" towards the referee and getting sent to the stands for it.

oh, champions of europe, how i mock thee.
no, no more poetry at the moment but let's say i've enjoyed the pool's last two games. first we get a 2-2 draw against birmingham (complete with an own goal & their first goal from open play). then, it gets better. yes, they manage to score another goal from open play but that's all they can muster against my boys in blue. i hope those scousers in the stands holding their paper CL trophies were force fed them after this goal fest by chelsea all courtesy of drogba, the star of the show. he won the penalty that super frank scored and then assisted the goals by duff, joey cole and geremi. not bad for a day's work, eh? now only if he could get a haircut.......
but all chelsea haters can take to heart the fact that both luke moore of villa and stevie g showed that there are moments of sloppy defending that the opposition can take advantage of and it's not impossible to win an "unwinable" game.
just ask wigan, west ham & sunderland.

the best game of week 8 was the london derby between charlton and spurs. the fans were certainly enjoying it - i could heard some, ahem, interesting chants from the stands ("wanker wanker!!" & "who the f*cking hell are you?" were 2 of my personal favs). and spurs on the winning end of a great comeback?? wow, that's new. the tottenham defense goes to sleep for the charlton goals and are suddenly down 2-0 but then they wake up. mido, who looked much better with shorter hair, does some great work in this game and has an awfully nice goal to show for it. and robbie keane comes off the bench, yet again, to score and do some fancy flips. but did anyone else notice him teasing the ref with that point at the shirt then flick yer face bit of slapstick humour??? maybe he was having too much fun out there.