10 December 2005

week 11 & 12 of serie a

oh roma roma roma. why do you tease me this way? why do you want to break my heart? why do you reduce me to tears?
i can't even bring myself to discuss that rubentusbastardi game. all i will say is that it started off well. for 30 minutes, i thought "wow, we are playing some good football." but then i realized we hadn't scored. and i started to get that feeling that if we didn't soon, they would, and then it would be all over. and we didn't, they did, it was.
at least totti's haircut put a smile on my face when i saw it the week before against messina. and he had a great goal. and my cutie mexes scores. ah bliss. if i could have only skipped the next week. :-(
at least my luca toni kept me happy. he did his usual looking hot while scoring against ascoli and then the real fun begins.... luca toni v maldini/nesta. now that's all kind of hotness right there. and boy did he kept that milan defense busy. 2 goals for toni while it took me a good 30 minutes or so before i noticed sheva was on the pitch. not a good sign for milan. kaka was either fouling people left & right or actually making some good runs that didn't end up as actual goals. milan were unlucky not to have a penalty for a handball in the box but what was nesta doing as he missed the cross for the second viola goal? not his day, not maldini's day, and certainly not milan's day. i enjoyed the camera shots of galliani & friends in the stands looking more and more upset as the game went on. hee hee hee.

week 11 & 12 of la liga

barca score 6 goals in 2 games against teams from the madrid area. first, they look scary good against getafe scoring some really nice goals. but the getafe goal was even better so good for them. and i am disturbed to think that motta might be taking hair tips from ronaldinho. but honestly, ronaldinho can do what he wants with his hair if he shows us spectacular play like he did against real madrid. even the madrid fans were standing & applauding. and how could they not? he ripped their midfield & defense apart. casillas couldn't even muster the energy to yell at his defense but he really should have - once again, casillas seemed to be the only one there.
poor madrid. raul was badly hurt in that loss as well. and no one cared that they managed a very unconvincing 1-0 win the week before.
week 11 gave us a basque derby which was full of cuties.... i was completely mesmerized when osasuna had a freekick and the real sociedad wall was unbelievably hot. the seville derby, the following week, was hot in an entirely different way. no love lost here. these fans were crazed to say the least. tackles everywhere, handbags thrown, and the sevilla boy who scored the winner rips off his shirt to celebrate. excellent. oh, except for the fact that he gets a second yellow later in the game and is sent off. doh.
stupidest. rule. evah.
and the surfer boys of spain, valencia, win one, lose one. i wish vincente would lose that stupid tail... what year is it anyway? that's not a hairstyle - it's a crime against nature. even refs know that - in the game against villareal, one of the yellow submarine boys got yellowed for a dive when he was looking for a freekick. his hair was awful so i bet the ref took one look at him and thought "ugh! yellow for bad hair!". vincente is lucky he didn't turn to him and card him for the same reason. i saw the fear in his eyes.

week 12 & 13 of the epl

well the big news is that chelsea finally lose, isn't it?
yup, in a great game against manyoo, my boys in blue go down 1-0. manyoo played a billion times better than what they showed against boro and chelsea weren't playing badly. it was just one of those days. as a matter of fact, we outplayed them for most of the second half and a "fair" (ahahahahahahaha) result would have been a draw.
see? even i know footy isn't "fair". and i'm not bitter nor worried about the loss. at least it takes the pressure off us now.
and we showed that by bouncing back against newcastle. 3 goals, some good team play, and all is well in jose's land again.
manyoo also got another win against charlton. horseface scores twice - one a really nice swivel & strikes inside the box. oh, don't pretend you don't know who i am talking about. and is it just me or do you think wes brown's hair scares small children?
liverpool continue winning and crouch continues NOT scoring. *muffles laughter* and moro continues to be a major hottie.
poor the spurs. first they were robbed against bolton for an offside goal that wasn't offside and then they let west ham equalize in the dying moments of this london derby. these boys need to learn how to finish their chances.
and finally, the arse, who win away from home against a very plucky wigan in a very good game. titi is his usual jackass - ridiculously arrogant celebration after his nice goal (it wasn't even as great a goal as what he scored against sunderland the week before). oh and before the wigan game there were some strange mascots out on the pitch: a yellow bear with a patch over one of his eyes and a blond "boy" in a wigan jersey. was the bear his friend? was he a one-eyed bear? did the "boy" do that to his eye?? i was very confused.

week 14 & 15 of ligue 1

everyone have been pretty inconsistent in france lately (barring lyon & ajaccio, in different ways, of course). take bordeaux who have been doing well of late. another win away from home against nice but then they manage to lose at home to an equally inconsistent psg. psg scored twice in that game - the first goals by psg at bordeaux in 6 years! and our cutie pauletta had a great goal, as usual.
marseille, too, lost at le mans but then managed a win at home against nancy. the first goal of that game was a beauty - assist with a backheel. i love cheeky backheels. and player of the month, ribery, scored a beautiful goal. he really is the "it" boy in france right now.... expect those chelsea bid rumours to start flying.
the hotties that are auxerre are still doing well. they drew away to st. etienne and then won 3-2 against lille in a great game. my personal top hottie, pieroni, was star of the show. he had a fabulous assist for the first goal, scored the second via a penalty and then seals a hattrick (of sorts) with a nice goal.
nothing or no one seems able to stop lyon. they win away at toulouse and then cris scores twice against troyes to continue their outstanding form. when your defenders are scoring for fun, you know you are doing well.
i would take anyone scoring for my little ajaccio at this point. we can barely manage shots on goal anymore. 2 more games, 2 more losses. *sigh*


yet again, i have been slacking. honestly, there is no good excuse unless you count sex, drugs, & rock'n'roll.
or something like that.