10 December 2005

week 12 & 13 of the epl

well the big news is that chelsea finally lose, isn't it?
yup, in a great game against manyoo, my boys in blue go down 1-0. manyoo played a billion times better than what they showed against boro and chelsea weren't playing badly. it was just one of those days. as a matter of fact, we outplayed them for most of the second half and a "fair" (ahahahahahahaha) result would have been a draw.
see? even i know footy isn't "fair". and i'm not bitter nor worried about the loss. at least it takes the pressure off us now.
and we showed that by bouncing back against newcastle. 3 goals, some good team play, and all is well in jose's land again.
manyoo also got another win against charlton. horseface scores twice - one a really nice swivel & strikes inside the box. oh, don't pretend you don't know who i am talking about. and is it just me or do you think wes brown's hair scares small children?
liverpool continue winning and crouch continues NOT scoring. *muffles laughter* and moro continues to be a major hottie.
poor the spurs. first they were robbed against bolton for an offside goal that wasn't offside and then they let west ham equalize in the dying moments of this london derby. these boys need to learn how to finish their chances.
and finally, the arse, who win away from home against a very plucky wigan in a very good game. titi is his usual jackass - ridiculously arrogant celebration after his nice goal (it wasn't even as great a goal as what he scored against sunderland the week before). oh and before the wigan game there were some strange mascots out on the pitch: a yellow bear with a patch over one of his eyes and a blond "boy" in a wigan jersey. was the bear his friend? was he a one-eyed bear? did the "boy" do that to his eye?? i was very confused.


Elisa said...

nikki - where's the love for Titi? He is not ignorant just a hottie. C'mon your just jealous. I just think it is too much for him being captain and a striker. Also the squad at Arsenal is not deep at all. Him not signing or talking about his contract is not helping at all either. Poor Arsenal!

At least you are giving it up for Moro - a major hottie, bulking up a bit and adjusting his fitness to the EPL. He is looking and doing just fine.

Nikki from the Treble said...

i know titi has talent - and of course i am jealous - but i still think he's a prat.