23 December 2005

happy holidays

dear listeners/readers,
whatever it is that you celebrate, please do it safely. have a happy new year's eve & enjoy your hangovers with some footy.
cheers to everyone,

week 16 & 17 of la liga

why did you ruin it athletic bilbao? we had he chance to go into the winter break with 2 wins & a glimmer of hope...... we actually won a rather convincing 2-0 game against a poor real betis, playing the best football i've seen of bilbao this season & then we go up 2-0 against real zaragoza....... and then we end up losing that game 3-2. *sigh* i understand why we have been at the bottom of the table for most of the season. but wait! there is a positive here! we are officially OUT of the relegation zone! 17th in the league! woo hoo!
at the other end, valencia has risen to 3rd after 2 more wins. the first was a 1-0 against alaves & the scorer, albiol, seems to be playing for valencia.... and yet he doesn't have highlights in his hair! i hope the other boys take care of this over the break....
osasuna are still enjoying the number 2 spot. they go down to 10 men at real madrid but still manage to score first. too bad madid equalized. they did win against the other madrid team. atletico madrid are edging closer and closer to bilbao's position rather than real madrid's although they are slipping as well. madrid are still in the top 5 (barely) even after only a point in these last two games. after scraping a win at home against osasuna they lose to racing santander. overall, it doesn't seem like it will be a very happy christmas for any fan in madrid.
cue cheers all around in barcelona. 2 more wins, eto'o is the top scorer in the league, ronaldinho is the world/european/planet earth/milky way galaxy player of the year, messi is the new wonderkid...... yup, a very happy christmas & lots of new year's parties for the catalans.

week 19 of ligue 1

lyon lose. yes, you read that correctly, the mighty lyon finally lost a game. the lyon fans didn't seem to enjoy a great performance from lille. things weren't going too well with lyon: cris was screaming at his defense, carew was yellowed for a dive, fred got rid of his 'fro & braided his hair all rio ferdinand style. and that's not cool. lille's #17 (makoun), on the other hand, has cute sticky-uppy hair. govou (who has not-so-cute sticky-uppy hair) does manage to score a lovely goal for lyon but that's about all they can do. they even feel extra hard done-by when they score & it's called back for a non-existent foul on the lille keeper.
the cuties at auxerre lose at home to nancy to a penalty. the boy (zerka) who takes it & scores then celebrates by brandishing a zorro-like 'z' in the air. *cough*dork*cough*
another interesting goal celebration over at rennes for st. etienne. the vistors win 1-0 and there are cheerleading hurkeys all around.
and then there is my personal fav goal celebration, the shirt removal. yes, we see less & less of it, but it has been the boys in the french league who have been ignoring the stupid yellow card punishment & go for it anyways. (i heartily approve.) so this boy at lens decides to take off his shirt & has another jersey underneath it. the exact same jersey. and he STILL gets a yellow! c'est ridicule! at least lens won 2-0.
oh! and the best news is that ajaccio actually score a goal!!! the little corsicans don't win the game but hey, it's our first goal since october 16th and i'll take what i can get right now. a point against psg seems like a good way to go into the winter break. they can refresh & come back next year & climb out of that relegation zone. *fingers crossed*

21 December 2005

week 16 & 17 of serie a

thank you oh thank you la befana (the italian christmas time good witch who brings the gifties). you brought me 4 points in 2 games for my roma and i can breathe easier during our winter break. i was not pleased with the draw against sampdoria but hey, what do you expect when you play a 4-6-0. no, seriously. we don't have any fit strikers. totti was it & he scored the only goal in the game. and then, something happened at home that doesn't normally happen.... we f*cking won a game! 4-0!!!! ok, it was alot of luck, a dubious penalty, and a sending off for chievo early in the 2nd half that helped us, but still - 4-0!!! 2 more from totti (watch out luca toni - totti now has 9), and one each from perrotta & taddei. nice. i think i am actually feeling positive about roma!
fiorentina pick up 4 points as well..... and my toni still hasn't scored! he hits the post like crazy (see game against empoli where pazzani scored off the rebound) and he's had some poor finishing (see shots against palermo) but he can't get that goal #17. maybe he just needs this winter break to recharge. and you know what would be really good for him? a nice sunny break in sunny los angeles. he could come to the beach and play footy in the sand. mmmmm luca toni on the beach.
oh, ok. i'm back.
we all don't give a flying f*ck what the rubentus b*stardi are doing... at least the dropped points against the nazio b*stardi. i hope la befana brings di canio a truck load of bad shrimp for christmas.
the milan teams are determine to prove to us that they are still in the running for the title.
milan scored 4 past a pretty sorry messina and that was without maldini & nesta. sheva is scoring goals again and even gilardino can score when he is not too busy diving. those are the two who scored in the 3-0 win at livorno. what about poor bobo? well, at least he is having fun on the sidelines. *sniggers*
inter have their scoring boots on as well. a 4-0 against reggina followed up by a 4-1 over empoli. adriano is getting back in form (well, he's never been out of form in one sense but we won't digress) & then inter has subs that actually can come into a game and score (hello cruz & martins). makes ya wonder why they let bobo go to the other team in milan.

week 17 of the epl

all i want for christmas.... oh wait, i already got it. the double over the arse.
it wasn't pretty, we were lucky & they weren't, but hey, that's what being champions is all about. you have luck on your side. and you have talents like robben & joey cole. i honestly can't say enough good things about joey now. 2 years ago i couldn't stand him at all, thought he was nothing more than a show pony. but he really has worked hard & has become a great footballer. and i'm impressed. as long as we never see nor speak of that hairstyle he had awhile back.....
is it my imagination or is tottenham always involved in comebacks? at least this time it was in their favour again... well, they managed not to lose.
everton, however, did lose, again, and a 4-0 loss is not what the fans want to see right now. everton wasn't even playing that badly but their defense went to sleep for 5 minutes in the second half and bolton scored three goals. ouch.
but let's face it, they aren't even as pitiful as birmingham are right now. they went three goals down in the first half and if you didn't know the score and started watching from the second half kickoff, you would have never known. they had no spark, no desire, no nothing. 3-0 at half is not impossible, not by a long shot. go ask spurs, man city, inter. and it didn't help when the keeper got sent off because he handled outside the box..... d'oh.
and i can't forget to mention that the midget scored a hattrick.... yay midget! (that's for jt)
it does always surprise me when short little strikers manage to score off headers in the box. but good for him. i guess he got the bad shrimp out of his system. ;-)

20 December 2005

european cup draws

just a quick note on the european ties that we will be seeing in the coming months..... i hate to be ultra-cheesy but let's face it, there are some crackers here!
of course, the biggest & best of the bunch is the barca v chelsea tie. i also hate sounding like some kind of conspiracy nut but come on!! do we not find this even a teensy bit suspicious? how many anti-chelsea rants does uefa/fifa have to make for the rest of us to get their point? ok ok. you don't like chelsea. get the hell over it! i know i am slightly biased here (i can hear you now "slightly??!!??") but only the craziest of chelsea haters are not going to admit there are some big & more important problems facing modern football today than chelsea. i'd like to see fifa/uefa clean up the racism & sexism in the game and properly train all refs across the globe in the same stadard and then, if they have time, they can go back to chattering about chelsea. boo f*cking boo hoo.
back to the point.... the barca/chelsea games are going to be great. end of.
i'm pleased that lyon got a hopefully winable clash against psv; i really want the french boys to go all the way this year.
real madrid v arsenal should be fun. i would never write off madrid - no matter what kind of crisis they are going through. they still have the likes of zizou, ronaldo, robinho & casillas. and those boys alone should make titi & his oh la la boys quake in their continental boots.
juve and inter will be dissapointed if they do not win their ties against bremen & ajax. milan, on the other hand, will have quite a test against bayern. i hope the old folks home that is their defense can pull it together & sheva has one of his spectacular days. or maybe bobo can be the hero. ahahahahahahahahaha. *wipes tears from eyes*
rangers v villareal seems pretty well matched and i wouldn't take bets on who comes out of that on top.
and then there is the team that doesn't even deserve to be there in the first place so let's give them an easy ride to boost their already inflated egos liverpool. who are up against the mighty benfica. consider me a benfica supporter from now until my birthday (9 march, since you ask, and i just adore presents sent to the studio). in case you didn't know, the ties are 21/22 february & 7/8 march of 2006.

what i really want for my birthday is a win for roma against club brugge in the uefa cup. make that two wins, home and away, and then 2 more against the winner of stuttgart v middlesbrough match. come on roma, i know you are capable of this. we have the talent, the passion, the will. please just let it all come together at the same time for once. that's not too much to ask for, is it? i'd really enjoy that kind of extra special birthday giftie.

oh, and there are other games.....
the bolton v marseille match-up looks tasty as does the udinese v lens. we also have basel v monaco, lokomotiv moskva v sevilla, schalke v espanyol....... dare i say it but the uefa cup actually looks interesting!