23 December 2005

week 16 & 17 of la liga

why did you ruin it athletic bilbao? we had he chance to go into the winter break with 2 wins & a glimmer of hope...... we actually won a rather convincing 2-0 game against a poor real betis, playing the best football i've seen of bilbao this season & then we go up 2-0 against real zaragoza....... and then we end up losing that game 3-2. *sigh* i understand why we have been at the bottom of the table for most of the season. but wait! there is a positive here! we are officially OUT of the relegation zone! 17th in the league! woo hoo!
at the other end, valencia has risen to 3rd after 2 more wins. the first was a 1-0 against alaves & the scorer, albiol, seems to be playing for valencia.... and yet he doesn't have highlights in his hair! i hope the other boys take care of this over the break....
osasuna are still enjoying the number 2 spot. they go down to 10 men at real madrid but still manage to score first. too bad madid equalized. they did win against the other madrid team. atletico madrid are edging closer and closer to bilbao's position rather than real madrid's although they are slipping as well. madrid are still in the top 5 (barely) even after only a point in these last two games. after scraping a win at home against osasuna they lose to racing santander. overall, it doesn't seem like it will be a very happy christmas for any fan in madrid.
cue cheers all around in barcelona. 2 more wins, eto'o is the top scorer in the league, ronaldinho is the world/european/planet earth/milky way galaxy player of the year, messi is the new wonderkid...... yup, a very happy christmas & lots of new year's parties for the catalans.

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Elisa said...

I can't wait for the games this weekend!