21 December 2005

week 16 & 17 of serie a

thank you oh thank you la befana (the italian christmas time good witch who brings the gifties). you brought me 4 points in 2 games for my roma and i can breathe easier during our winter break. i was not pleased with the draw against sampdoria but hey, what do you expect when you play a 4-6-0. no, seriously. we don't have any fit strikers. totti was it & he scored the only goal in the game. and then, something happened at home that doesn't normally happen.... we f*cking won a game! 4-0!!!! ok, it was alot of luck, a dubious penalty, and a sending off for chievo early in the 2nd half that helped us, but still - 4-0!!! 2 more from totti (watch out luca toni - totti now has 9), and one each from perrotta & taddei. nice. i think i am actually feeling positive about roma!
fiorentina pick up 4 points as well..... and my toni still hasn't scored! he hits the post like crazy (see game against empoli where pazzani scored off the rebound) and he's had some poor finishing (see shots against palermo) but he can't get that goal #17. maybe he just needs this winter break to recharge. and you know what would be really good for him? a nice sunny break in sunny los angeles. he could come to the beach and play footy in the sand. mmmmm luca toni on the beach.
oh, ok. i'm back.
we all don't give a flying f*ck what the rubentus b*stardi are doing... at least the dropped points against the nazio b*stardi. i hope la befana brings di canio a truck load of bad shrimp for christmas.
the milan teams are determine to prove to us that they are still in the running for the title.
milan scored 4 past a pretty sorry messina and that was without maldini & nesta. sheva is scoring goals again and even gilardino can score when he is not too busy diving. those are the two who scored in the 3-0 win at livorno. what about poor bobo? well, at least he is having fun on the sidelines. *sniggers*
inter have their scoring boots on as well. a 4-0 against reggina followed up by a 4-1 over empoli. adriano is getting back in form (well, he's never been out of form in one sense but we won't digress) & then inter has subs that actually can come into a game and score (hello cruz & martins). makes ya wonder why they let bobo go to the other team in milan.

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Elisa said...

Even the zebras from Udinese won - yes!

Omigod Figo scored!

What do you think of the rumor that Toni would love to go to Barca?