21 December 2005

week 17 of the epl

all i want for christmas.... oh wait, i already got it. the double over the arse.
it wasn't pretty, we were lucky & they weren't, but hey, that's what being champions is all about. you have luck on your side. and you have talents like robben & joey cole. i honestly can't say enough good things about joey now. 2 years ago i couldn't stand him at all, thought he was nothing more than a show pony. but he really has worked hard & has become a great footballer. and i'm impressed. as long as we never see nor speak of that hairstyle he had awhile back.....
is it my imagination or is tottenham always involved in comebacks? at least this time it was in their favour again... well, they managed not to lose.
everton, however, did lose, again, and a 4-0 loss is not what the fans want to see right now. everton wasn't even playing that badly but their defense went to sleep for 5 minutes in the second half and bolton scored three goals. ouch.
but let's face it, they aren't even as pitiful as birmingham are right now. they went three goals down in the first half and if you didn't know the score and started watching from the second half kickoff, you would have never known. they had no spark, no desire, no nothing. 3-0 at half is not impossible, not by a long shot. go ask spurs, man city, inter. and it didn't help when the keeper got sent off because he handled outside the box..... d'oh.
and i can't forget to mention that the midget scored a hattrick.... yay midget! (that's for jt)
it does always surprise me when short little strikers manage to score off headers in the box. but good for him. i guess he got the bad shrimp out of his system. ;-)


Elisa said...

nikki what do you think of my nickname for joey cole - fatty bum.

Josh P. said...

"3-0 at the half is nothing.... Just ask Spurs, Man City, Inter." And, sorry Jenny, Liverpool.

As for my Spurs knack for comebacks this season... I looked to see what teams have picked up the most points in the second half. (In other words, compared the points they'd have if all games ended at halftime with the number of points they have from the full time games.) Tottenham have picked up 11 points in the second half. Good, but not as good as Chelsea who have picked up 22 points in the second half. Most of those were likely breaking ties, whereas Spurs have had a number of come-from-behinds (particularly lately).

Love the show!

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