09 October 2005

week 9 & 10 of ligue 1

well, at least i only have to mention one loss from my corsican boys. to bordeaux since their game against lens was postponed. that still does not leesen the blow to the fact that they are in 15th place!!! *sigh* i am not ready for a relegation fight this early in the season.

lyon continue to be the only unbeaten side in france with wins over nantes and rennes. it's the usual suspects including juninho and wiltord. and i am happy to report that it looks like coupet is growing out those awful highlights.

monaco continue to pick themselves up after their crappy start to the season with 4 points from 2 games sees them almost to the top half of the table (11th). modesto is finding his form again (and still is a hottie) and oh, maoulida is a cutie too, isn't he? very tall.

auxerre are still trying to find some consistency - they win 3-0 against sochaux but then lose 2-0 to toulouse. yes, they are 5th in the table but with a goal differnce of -4! and my cutie pieroni hasn't scored in ages! and it didn't help to have fabian cool injured in the last game. bless.

week 6 of la liga

malaga v atletico madrid
an action packed game for my torres: he misses an open goal in the first half, wins a dodgy penalty (even he looked surprised when the ref called it), and after scoring it, taunts the malaga fans with a tongue out, fingers in the ears celebration. the fans reply by throwing whatever they can get their hands on at torres to complete the lunacy.

barca v real zaragoza
has anyone else thought that the barcelona song sounds like something from the old willy wonka film? just me then.
wow. are barca having a difficult start to the season? they go down 2-0 here but manage to come back for a draw. i guess that is a sign of a champion: even when they aren't playing their best, they manage a point. it also helped that zaragoza went down a man.

oh and did you see xavi in the stands?? he was wearing an absolutely horrid plaid shirt and his hair was very jamie parkerish (for those of you who wacth dream team).

getafe v valencia
mista's awful hair is the least of valencia's worries: david villa, my latest spanish cutie, scores again but that's the high point for him as he later finds himself in a fight and gets red carded and getafe manage to scalp one of the big boys in the climb to the top

villareal v athletic bilbao
bless. my little basque boys go one-nil up but then a red card pretty much seals their fate, villa's 3rd g0al from senna was a beauty

real madrid v mallorca
wow. and i'm not wowing another solid win from the madrid boys. i'm wowing the weirdness that is the brazil contingent. ronaldo scores (nice goal too) and they do the bunny hop. roberto carlos scores (again, the first one was lovely) and they play leap frog.
wow. these men are bored.
oh and note to beckham: please do something about your hair. you have bleached it one too many times and it is fried. just cut it. it will help. i swear.

week 6 of serie a

roma v siena
another loss at home. another game of wasted chances, almost goals, nice moves that end in nothing and ridiculous defending. *sigh*
at least taddei's goal was nice........ look at that! that's me looking on the bright side.

juve v inter
i hate juve. i hate them i hate them i hate them.
this inter seems to be vintage inter - all fouls & kicks. needless to say i was not surprised that both juve goals came from freekicks. and materazzi was vintage materazzi: brute force & terrible tackles. can mancini really perform magic on this bunch?

fiorentina v livorno
oooh tuscan derby! that means luca toni!! mmmmm luca toni. and he was wet (there was a downpour!). mmmm luca toni wet.
it was a typical derby: lots of little fouls, talking back to each other, fan abuse & cheers, and an unnecessary red card! poor lucarelli getting sent off because of dissent. now that's harsh.
there was also a great almost-comeback from 10 man livorno - they manage 2 goals in 2 minutes but it wasn't quite enough.

milan v reggina
those squeals of delight are from jenny as she celebrates not 1 but 2 goals from 37 year old defender paolo maldini. not only does he score really nice goals that gilardino would have given anything to score, but paolo looks damn hot while doing so. oh and bobo has like a million chances and misses them all. typical.