09 October 2005

week 6 of serie a

roma v siena
another loss at home. another game of wasted chances, almost goals, nice moves that end in nothing and ridiculous defending. *sigh*
at least taddei's goal was nice........ look at that! that's me looking on the bright side.

juve v inter
i hate juve. i hate them i hate them i hate them.
this inter seems to be vintage inter - all fouls & kicks. needless to say i was not surprised that both juve goals came from freekicks. and materazzi was vintage materazzi: brute force & terrible tackles. can mancini really perform magic on this bunch?

fiorentina v livorno
oooh tuscan derby! that means luca toni!! mmmmm luca toni. and he was wet (there was a downpour!). mmmm luca toni wet.
it was a typical derby: lots of little fouls, talking back to each other, fan abuse & cheers, and an unnecessary red card! poor lucarelli getting sent off because of dissent. now that's harsh.
there was also a great almost-comeback from 10 man livorno - they manage 2 goals in 2 minutes but it wasn't quite enough.

milan v reggina
those squeals of delight are from jenny as she celebrates not 1 but 2 goals from 37 year old defender paolo maldini. not only does he score really nice goals that gilardino would have given anything to score, but paolo looks damn hot while doing so. oh and bobo has like a million chances and misses them all. typical.

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Elisa said...

Alot of good games from Week 6. It was really good to see Iaquinta play for Udinese again. He really inspires the team.

I have also been impressed with Palermo, Fiorentina and Sampdoria. The Big 3 are so boring and passe.