09 October 2005

week 9 & 10 of ligue 1

well, at least i only have to mention one loss from my corsican boys. to bordeaux since their game against lens was postponed. that still does not leesen the blow to the fact that they are in 15th place!!! *sigh* i am not ready for a relegation fight this early in the season.

lyon continue to be the only unbeaten side in france with wins over nantes and rennes. it's the usual suspects including juninho and wiltord. and i am happy to report that it looks like coupet is growing out those awful highlights.

monaco continue to pick themselves up after their crappy start to the season with 4 points from 2 games sees them almost to the top half of the table (11th). modesto is finding his form again (and still is a hottie) and oh, maoulida is a cutie too, isn't he? very tall.

auxerre are still trying to find some consistency - they win 3-0 against sochaux but then lose 2-0 to toulouse. yes, they are 5th in the table but with a goal differnce of -4! and my cutie pieroni hasn't scored in ages! and it didn't help to have fabian cool injured in the last game. bless.


Elisa said...

Poor little Ajaccio is going to play against Lyon this week. Dear me!

Re Auxerre -I didn't know that Pieroni is from Belgium or is it Switzerland? And I thought he was from Italy.

Coupet is playing so well for the National team and Lyon. He is superman. Revelliere is a hotty too. Got I hope someone beats Lyon soon.

I cannot believe that FSC is not showing L'OM vs. PSG. They suck!

Marseille and Monaco have been so disappointing this year, very odd.

But Bordeaux and Lens are very exciting. Not quite on a Lyon level but very exciting. Chamakh is a cutie. I just think that Ligue 1 is very competitive this year. I wish we had access to more games.

Nikki from the Treble said...

No, I originally thought Pieroni was Italian too but he is from Belgium. And I highly recommend going to Auxerre's offical site where you can view a whole Luigi Pieroni gallery. Hot Damn!
And I agree that the french league, besides Lyon, seems very competitive this season and so much fun to watch! Viva la France!