09 October 2005

week 6 of la liga

malaga v atletico madrid
an action packed game for my torres: he misses an open goal in the first half, wins a dodgy penalty (even he looked surprised when the ref called it), and after scoring it, taunts the malaga fans with a tongue out, fingers in the ears celebration. the fans reply by throwing whatever they can get their hands on at torres to complete the lunacy.

barca v real zaragoza
has anyone else thought that the barcelona song sounds like something from the old willy wonka film? just me then.
wow. are barca having a difficult start to the season? they go down 2-0 here but manage to come back for a draw. i guess that is a sign of a champion: even when they aren't playing their best, they manage a point. it also helped that zaragoza went down a man.

oh and did you see xavi in the stands?? he was wearing an absolutely horrid plaid shirt and his hair was very jamie parkerish (for those of you who wacth dream team).

getafe v valencia
mista's awful hair is the least of valencia's worries: david villa, my latest spanish cutie, scores again but that's the high point for him as he later finds himself in a fight and gets red carded and getafe manage to scalp one of the big boys in the climb to the top

villareal v athletic bilbao
bless. my little basque boys go one-nil up but then a red card pretty much seals their fate, villa's 3rd g0al from senna was a beauty

real madrid v mallorca
wow. and i'm not wowing another solid win from the madrid boys. i'm wowing the weirdness that is the brazil contingent. ronaldo scores (nice goal too) and they do the bunny hop. roberto carlos scores (again, the first one was lovely) and they play leap frog.
wow. these men are bored.
oh and note to beckham: please do something about your hair. you have bleached it one too many times and it is fried. just cut it. it will help. i swear.


Elisa said...

The Atletico game was a little dull. But it is good to see El NiƱo and Kezman score. The Madrid Derby coming up will be very interesting. Time for Real Madrid to really prove themselves.

What is going on with Barca? Boohoo! Getting a little complacent now? Egos getting in the way? Tell Puyol to keep his mitts off Vicente. Thank you very much. Real Zaragoza was very impressive against the Catalans. I actually can't get the Barca song out of my head.

They gotta show more Valencia on Gol TV! I really love the way they have been playing lately and the coach is hot!

Everytime I watch a La Liga game, the crowd sings a song to the tune of Yellow Submarine. What is going on?

I really think that Betis and Villarreal are feeling the affects of playing in the CL game. These poor little teams just get tuckered out when they play in La Liga. They don't have the depth, sad =(.

Real Madrid played a friendly vs. Real Zaragoza this week and Jonathan Woodgate scored another own goal. Omigod!

jtgulls said...

Elisa, Villareal is known as the Yellow Submarine (due to their team color?), I believe.

Elisa said...

I know JT, but I have heard other teams from other leagues sing Footy songs to the tune of Yellow Submarine as well. I guess I wasn't clear. Also I love all those different songs to that opera song. Can't remember the song's name. But the Arsenal fans sing a great Jose Antonio to it. Can anyone remember the song?

James O'Brien said...

The best song directed at an Arsenal player this year was to the tune of Craig David's Bo selecta, 'Van Persie..... when the girl says, no molest her' Cracks me up anyway. Strange little blog this one doesn't do much to reassure male fans like me that women ain't just sitting in the stand to look at men in shorts, but at least you seem to know your stuff as well so fair play to you.

Nikki from the Treble said...

Hey Elisa - I agree - more Valencia on the telly please.
And James, I know sometimes I get carried away with the hotttness of some of the players but I really appreciate that you can tell I actually know & love the actual game itself; I do try to make sure that that fact comes across in my posts. Trust me, the boys at my local pub who watch the games with me enjoy my glee at goals as much as my glee at the boys ripping their shirts off at the end o the game! ;-)
I think.

jtgulls said...

James, the great thing about Nikki (Jenny & Diana too) is that they all really know the game, so you can cut them some slack when they make their comments about the men on the pitch.

Actually, it's pretty funny because you realize they're doing double duty watching the match, keeping track of two different things at the same time: cute guy, crap player or butt ugly but great player. Must be exhausting for them to keep track of it all!

jtgulls said...

Elisa, do you mean "La Donne E Mobile" from Rigoletto? In England, it's sometimes known as the Paolo DiCanio song although we Torquay fans know it as the Leroy Rosenior song now.

I was at Highbury when Reyes made his debut and the Libray was rockin' while singing the "Ole Ole Ole" song substituting Jose. "Volare" and "Blue Moon" always get great rewrites.

My all time favorite tho is hearing opposing crowds sing to Peter Reid after Sunderland defeats. To the tune of the Monkees' "Daydream Believer", they sang, "Cheer Up Peter Reid".

jtgulls said...

Elisa, on the subject of Yellow Submarine, I just remembered a very rude rendition about Peter Reid's head. He really did suffer a lot of abuse.

Nikki from the Treble said...

thank you jt for noticing how hard it is being a female footy fan!!!
you have to watch the game, deal with men teasing you, watch the hot men on the pitch & try to note who they are to later make an exhaustive search on the internet to find half-naked photos of them *and* down a few pints to keep up with everyone else at the pub! *whew*

Elisa said...

JT yes Le Donne E Mobile - love all the football songs to it. Of course you can't beat the Allez, Allez songs etc. etc. Oh I just love the Roma, Roma, Roma song. Not to mention all the Liverpool songs.

Being a female fan is tough, but we love to multitask!