30 June 2008

Final Thoughts

So I never really came back to post about the final... needless to say, I was very happy but obviously too stressed and then excited to post during/after the game. But now I've had a day to process it and the best thing about this is the simple fact that the best and most consistent team actually won the tournament. Spain were unbeaten, scored the most goals, played the prettiest footy and came away with the trophy. How cool (and rare) is that? Not only unbeaten but with the top scorer (Villa) and the best player (Xavi) of the tournament. A total sweep for the Spanish.
I'm quite pleased that El Nino scored the winning goal - when he plays for Spain I can love him again as I did when he was back at Atletico Madrid and I almost cried when I saw the shirt that Ramos was wearing in the celebrations - a dedication to Antonio Puerta. Senna became a world star, Casillas was perfect as always, Fabregas became the super sub.... overall I can't say enough good things about this team. And best of all, they are young and will be able to grow stronger from here. Hopefully older teams (hint hint France & Italy) can learn from this success and move towards it.
My only gripe about the final? The King & Queen showed up so we did not get to see the Princess celebrating!

29 June 2008

The Final

The second half is just starting, I've been too tense to type yet, there's been silly yellow cards, blood & a goal from El Nino. That's a good boy.