31 August 2005

Week 5 of Ligue 1

Marseille v Ajaccio
my corsicans managed to get a dodgy penalty & therefore, are still unbeaten (!!!) after 5 games which, after their terrible marking for the Marseille goal, is a miracle frankly. and Barthez does not need to hurry back after his spitting ban.... the replacement keeper is a cutie!

Auxerre v Lyon

oh dear. my cutie Pieroni made a terrible tackle & was lucky to only see a yellow rather than a red card! ouch. these boys need to sort themselves out. and quickly... before santini's eyes pop out of his head.
maybe it was Carew's hair - it's a weird slim spikey mohawk & the sides have a strange zigzaggy pattern shaved in.... yes, it's as strange as it sounds.

Week 1 of Serie A

Roma Roma Roma! one for each goal! and away from home. and Cassano pouting on the bench. i know i know... just let me bask in this until week 2.

Livorno v Lecce
Livorno looked good..... oh, except for those AWFUL rainbow kits. no, really, they have rainbow kits. at least Palladino is a cutie & had a lovely goal to distract me.

Fiorentina v Sampdoria
let's talk about Luca Toni. he's tall & hot & was everywhere during this game - an assist for Fiore's goal & then his own from a penalty that he won making yet another run into the box. *sigh* he is my new pretend footballer boyfriend.
and yay! the Sampdoria coach gets the honour of being the first to be sent off from the sidelines this season. surprise surprise - it's usually Capello.

Adriano v Treviso
oh, did I mean Inter?
hattrick the first day??? maybe all the folks predicting a Scudetto for the blue half of Milan this season know something.... can you imagine it? I'm not too sure how the long-suffering Inter fans would even react... tears of joy or total disbelief?

Week 1 of La Liga

Round 1 of Real Madrid v Barca
*ding ding ding* this round goes to Madrid - Robinho looks ready to take the superstar role away from Ronaldinho but let's also give credit to the Alaves keeper. oh and the Cadiz fans who were awesome.

Athletic Bilbao v Real Sociedad
the first basque derby & my bilbao boys get an emphatic win - with a very nice goal by Llorente who happens to be a cutie.

Valencia v Real Betis
speaking of cuties.... the fantastic Aimar goal that won this one was almost overshadowed by the Betis 2nd keeper's hair.... shiny, dark, straight & short on the sides and tapering off into a long tail down the back.... *shudders*

Week 4 of the EPL

Man City & Charlton love
2nd & 3rd in the table, no losses, playing good football, both with solid teams & solid managers but no superstars...... this is what makes the league fun to watch.

Spurs v Chelsea
have I mentioned how much I love Del Horno? we'll need him to continue scoring goals like that now that Terry is out for a month at least *sobs* and did anyone else notice Crespo fluffing his hair on the sidelines while waiting to be subbed on?

Sunderland & Newcastle pity
bless. one is the only professional team in England to not have a point yet & one hasn't been able to score a goal yet.

stop your sniggering in the back.