31 August 2005

Week 5 of Ligue 1

Marseille v Ajaccio
my corsicans managed to get a dodgy penalty & therefore, are still unbeaten (!!!) after 5 games which, after their terrible marking for the Marseille goal, is a miracle frankly. and Barthez does not need to hurry back after his spitting ban.... the replacement keeper is a cutie!

Auxerre v Lyon

oh dear. my cutie Pieroni made a terrible tackle & was lucky to only see a yellow rather than a red card! ouch. these boys need to sort themselves out. and quickly... before santini's eyes pop out of his head.
maybe it was Carew's hair - it's a weird slim spikey mohawk & the sides have a strange zigzaggy pattern shaved in.... yes, it's as strange as it sounds.

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jtgulls said...

I think the next feature pages on the Treble site will be Nikki's Hottie XI (a constantly updated hottie by position page) and a Dodgy Hair XI - Cisse is always first choice as a striker in this squad, hard to imagine any forwards moving him out of the lineup.