31 August 2005

Week 1 of Serie A

Roma Roma Roma! one for each goal! and away from home. and Cassano pouting on the bench. i know i know... just let me bask in this until week 2.

Livorno v Lecce
Livorno looked good..... oh, except for those AWFUL rainbow kits. no, really, they have rainbow kits. at least Palladino is a cutie & had a lovely goal to distract me.

Fiorentina v Sampdoria
let's talk about Luca Toni. he's tall & hot & was everywhere during this game - an assist for Fiore's goal & then his own from a penalty that he won making yet another run into the box. *sigh* he is my new pretend footballer boyfriend.
and yay! the Sampdoria coach gets the honour of being the first to be sent off from the sidelines this season. surprise surprise - it's usually Capello.

Adriano v Treviso
oh, did I mean Inter?
hattrick the first day??? maybe all the folks predicting a Scudetto for the blue half of Milan this season know something.... can you imagine it? I'm not too sure how the long-suffering Inter fans would even react... tears of joy or total disbelief?

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