31 August 2005

Week 4 of the EPL

Man City & Charlton love
2nd & 3rd in the table, no losses, playing good football, both with solid teams & solid managers but no superstars...... this is what makes the league fun to watch.

Spurs v Chelsea
have I mentioned how much I love Del Horno? we'll need him to continue scoring goals like that now that Terry is out for a month at least *sobs* and did anyone else notice Crespo fluffing his hair on the sidelines while waiting to be subbed on?

Sunderland & Newcastle pity
bless. one is the only professional team in England to not have a point yet & one hasn't been able to score a goal yet.

stop your sniggering in the back.

1 comment:

jtgulls said...

... but now we have Michael Owen ... la la la la la.

... and can somebody please explain to me why Mr. Owen doesn't get any of that Treble love? What incident put him on "no respect" list?