24 August 2005

European games

just a few thoughts...

Champions League: poor Everton. they fought a brave fight & Arteta had a nice goal but Villareal was just too strong. maybe they will have a better chance in the UEFA cup. Man Yoo, Inter, Ajax, & the Pool went through without any problems. Real Betis overcame Monaco to reach the group stage of the CL for the first time in their history a feat for Udinese as well. Congrats to both - I like underdogs (as long as they don't stand in the way of my boys in blue & their march to the final ;-) ).

Intertoto Cup
the match in Europe with all the action was one of the three finals in this competition: Marseille v Deportivo had 3 red cards, 10 yellows, 6 goals & a bust up in the tunnel at halftime! now that's some european action! (Marseille won the battle & move on to the Uefa Cup to join another french club, Lens)


Elisa said...

Oh I am getting so excited with the CL draw and now I got Setanta Sports!

And this week Serie A and La Liga start - yes!!

Oh no too much football, I might need to be another Tivo. I still have 4 games to watch from this week - nuts! But too much footy is feel so good!

Hannah said...

Liverpool v Chelsea! That should be an interesting September 28th. But how about the group E, looks to be the toughest group out there, with AC Milan, PSV, FC Schalke, and Fenerbahce.

Jenny said...

could ya die?
didja see Paolo Maldini on the CL draw?
Could he BE any hotter?
no, he could not.
and it's so cute when he speaks english and says what a great tournament this is, blah blah blah.

Is it my opinion or did Arsenal get an easy draw? I think Man U might stumle with Lille and Villareal in their way. Come on Diego!

Nikki from the Treble said...

ok, yes Jenny, Paolo was amazingly hot. I am so glad he got plenty of camera time and he was interviewed all over the place on sky sports.
I can't lie and not say that I hope Chelsea & Real Betis come out of that CL group - anyone who heard my Spain wrap up knows I was a big fan of Joaquin.
And yes, Arse got a stupidly easy group, Manyoo does have a tricky group, Inter & Juve & Milan look good (not a breeze for Milan) but poor little Udinese got Barca! Ouch!

bananas said...

move to canada and have some children with me, football goddess!