14 June 2008

Greek Goodbye?

Thank god we got a goal or this game was set to be a snoozer. But Russia scored first and now Greece has no choice but to go for it or they are out of the tournament.
I am not enjoying the organish to Russia's red kits; it looks all wrong to me. Portugal's deep wine is my favorite red of the tournament so far. No need to ask which blue I like.

Sweden v Spain

Not the excitement from yesterday but still good and we still have some controversy. Spain so should have had a penalty before halftime but that's how it goes (says the Italian fan). *sigh*
At least my Torres scored.

Dear god, as I was writing this Spain just had chance after chance in the box and couldn't get the goal. You couldn't score in a brothel, you couldn't score in a brothel...

And my, those Swedish players just look so...... Swedish, don't they? I'll be so sad when Mellberg retires and I can no longer say (in a very deep voice with force) "OLOF!" every time he appears on my screen. It just won't be the same.

Villa Villa Villa!
Yay! 6 points for Spain, 4 goals for David Villa and one for Torres finally. Jenny just made me realise that he dyed his hair gold to match the jersey. What a dork.

13 June 2008

Zut Alors!

The French, they kinda suck, huh?
I mean it will still be a tough game for Italy because it's like a derby and anything can happen. But after our display today and their display today, we should be able to beat them on Tuesday. Too bad our fate is not in our hands and we need help from the Dutch. But it's our fault and I am not being whiney. Let's see if we can even win on Tuesday before I start freaking out over all the possibilities.

Italy Italy Italy


Wow. What a game. I am hugely disappointed but not in the same way I was on Monday. We played so much better but still didn't get a win and I highly doubt we'll go on now. But after that display, I no longer need to be ashamed of my boys and I am grateful for that.

12 June 2008

Austria v Poland

No offense Poland, but Austria really need to score. Apparently any Austrian goalscorer has been offered a lifetime supply of beer by a local brewery and that's just too cool not to happen.


Ok, so it was more the defender's fault than Lehmann but let me have my fun.
Croatia just scored on Germany by the way if you are just catching up.....

Ok ok, Lehmann just saved their arses from 2-0 so it was not all that lame.

(edit again)
Lehmann could have done more for that 2nd goal.
What happened to Germany? Where's the sparkle?

(edit again)
Oh Lehmann. You make me so happy sometimes. Schweinstiger just got a straight red and LameMan complained and got himself a yellow. So very typical.
The tournament's first red card!

11 June 2008

Return to Group A

I'm a bit sleepy this morning but the first game is good and keeping my interest. Portugal are currently ahead & greasyhair man (as my boyfriend calls Ronaldo) has scored. I wish he'd get those back bits of his hair cut off. It's very distracting.
And don't you love how Nuno Gomes BELTS out the national anthem every time? He feels it man.
Cech is just as shakey has he has been with Chelsea this past season. That's a shame as I know he's on at least one of my fantasy teams. *sigh*

Wow. That's a lot of buttons open on the shirt of the coach for Turkey.
It must have inspired his team - they just scored what's probably the winner in injury time.

(edit again)
So that's the Swiss officially out & Portugal in the next round. Sadness for the host country.

10 June 2008

Group D continued

Nice Ibra goal as much as I hate to say it.
Is it just me or do Greece suck the life out of their games? I am all in favor of strong defenses, I love organized backlines, I like seeing the players think & calculate & plan..... but it doesn't feel that way to me with Greece. It just feels like "don't let them score, don't let them score, don't let them score."

And as I was writing this, there's the second goal for Sweden. Once that Greek defense was broken, there was no way back.

Group D

Yay! Spain has already scored and made my day better.
I will NOT think of yesterday; today is all about my spanish boys.

So, second half, still 2-0, my Torres off, Villa desperately trying to get a hattrick. More power to him.
There hasn't been a hattrick yet as well as no headed goals in the tournament. Interesting.

(edit again)
Hattrick for Villa! Woo hoo!

(edit again)
And now Russia have scored a header.
Dude, I say it, it comes true...... the question is, should I use my power for good or for evil?

(edit again)
4 goals to Spain! Woo hoo! Cesc heads in one for fun after Russia almost scored again. Great game for the Spainish team.

09 June 2008

Italy starting line up

No De Rossi?? Pirlo, Ambrosini & Gattuso? Really?

Half fit Panucci and old creaky Zambo??

Game started.... what the hell is up with Holland's light blue socks?
And damn, our all blue outfits are HOTTT.

(edit again)
The Dutch just scored. I'll only say it once : OFFSIDE.

(edit again)
*sigh* Why am I not surprised? We get upset because of the first goal and what happens......

(edit again)
No changes at halftime? Are you serious?
That all Milan midfield is just a dream, eh? That's how they got to 5th place- by being this fantastic. Let's go ahead and leave those Roma players on the bench. You know, those players that most of Europe was calling the best team in Italy this season.
That seems like a GREAT idea.
*head explodes*

(edit again)
2 subs and those 3 milan midfielders are still there. I can't understand it at all.

(edits again)
Ah, I totally deserved that 3rd goal as I made fun of Gio being too old. It's the italians who are too old and too tired. If we play like this in the next 2 games, we 100% deserve to go home and get tomatoes thrown at us. If we go with the all Milan midfield in the next two games, Donadoni deserves to be sacked. I am disgusted.

Death begins

Well, the Group of Death begins.

I'm watching France v Romania now and am already feeling panicked. Nothing too exciting in the game yet; no Titi so it's Anelka up front. It's really the same difference, non?

Game over now & 0-0! Italy next.

I think I might throw up.

08 June 2008


I almost forgot!

The Croatia manager is in a heavy metal band??!!!

Someone please find me pictures.

Clean sheets ahoy

Germany start the tournament as favorites with a 2-0 win. Not too spectacular but expected.
Day 1 & 2 both serve up 1-0 & 2-0 games.
Wow. All the winners so far have also managed clean sheets. Needless to say, I doubt we'll see that tomorrow.


Day 2

Yay! More games!
Yay! No hangover!

Poor Austria. Another host team that tried but fell short. That penalty was a joke.

But here is the lesson from the first three games: no matter how pretty you play, no matter what kind of Stars you have on your team, hard work & taking your chances when they come are what will win these games. That's how you have to play it in the group stages at least.

I'm watching the Germany game now & they just scored. Big surprise. After seeing all the teams in this group does anyone really think that it won't be Germany blowing through to the next stage without breaking a sweat?

Oh and are we surprised that the German and Polish fans have already been in fights? The English are laughing their heads off right now at the fact that for once, they are not the troublemakers.

Continuing thoughts on the first day

As Matt said in the comments to the last post, Portugal is more than Ronaldo & it was nice to see that. He was an important part of both goals but he didn't score. Too bad for all those Fantasy Footy teams that he was chosen for....

Overall, I was happy with the first day. Tight games but I think that's to be expected for all these first round games of the group stages.
And so far, the atmosphere at the stadiums and the fans are great. I wish I was there.