13 June 2008

Zut Alors!

The French, they kinda suck, huh?
I mean it will still be a tough game for Italy because it's like a derby and anything can happen. But after our display today and their display today, we should be able to beat them on Tuesday. Too bad our fate is not in our hands and we need help from the Dutch. But it's our fault and I am not being whiney. Let's see if we can even win on Tuesday before I start freaking out over all the possibilities.


Melanie said...

Ribery's hair is still shit.

Anonymous said...

okay, so on the one hand ANYONE can beat this french side.

on the other hand, isn't it JUST LIKE italy to underestimate a weaker opponent and succumb to surprise attack?

and why did france have to be SO pathetic? i almost felt sorry for them.