10 June 2008

Group D

Yay! Spain has already scored and made my day better.
I will NOT think of yesterday; today is all about my spanish boys.

So, second half, still 2-0, my Torres off, Villa desperately trying to get a hattrick. More power to him.
There hasn't been a hattrick yet as well as no headed goals in the tournament. Interesting.

(edit again)
Hattrick for Villa! Woo hoo!

(edit again)
And now Russia have scored a header.
Dude, I say it, it comes true...... the question is, should I use my power for good or for evil?

(edit again)
4 goals to Spain! Woo hoo! Cesc heads in one for fun after Russia almost scored again. Great game for the Spainish team.


Matt said...

The verdict on Torres' hair...?

(Van Bronckhorst's goal was a header, BTW.)

Nikki from the Treble said...

Matt, I am obviously trying to ignore that game! (Thanks for the correction.)

Nikki from the Treble said...

Oh! And Torres is adorable. At least it's not like last time... *shudders*

Anonymous said...

i need to have a look at the hairstyles i suppose.

so far, the tournament has been ACES. except for italy sucking ass, but honestly: what did we think was going to happen?

good job spain. maybe this is the year for them!


Elisa said...

Juego bonito! Spain winning is good for the game, tournament and football. =)