09 June 2008

Death begins

Well, the Group of Death begins.

I'm watching France v Romania now and am already feeling panicked. Nothing too exciting in the game yet; no Titi so it's Anelka up front. It's really the same difference, non?

Game over now & 0-0! Italy next.

I think I might throw up.


Anonymous said...

i am in my office. no audio, no tv, no nothing!
AND i have a meeting set for the 2nd half of the italy game!

Nikki from the Treble said...

(I think that was Jenny.)
Bless. I will text you during the Italy game when the red cards start flying.
Joking..... sort of.

Melanie said...

Ribery gets my vote for worst hair of Euro 2008 so far!

Nikki from the Treble said...

melanie - wait until tomorrow and the spanish team show up! i bet we see mullets!!!

Matt said...

Camoranesi is a contender here.

Anonymous said...

camoranesi has always been a tragedy in the grooming department.

i wonder if Les Bleus will wake up for the next macth.