14 June 2008

Sweden v Spain

Not the excitement from yesterday but still good and we still have some controversy. Spain so should have had a penalty before halftime but that's how it goes (says the Italian fan). *sigh*
At least my Torres scored.

Dear god, as I was writing this Spain just had chance after chance in the box and couldn't get the goal. You couldn't score in a brothel, you couldn't score in a brothel...

And my, those Swedish players just look so...... Swedish, don't they? I'll be so sad when Mellberg retires and I can no longer say (in a very deep voice with force) "OLOF!" every time he appears on my screen. It just won't be the same.

Villa Villa Villa!
Yay! 6 points for Spain, 4 goals for David Villa and one for Torres finally. Jenny just made me realise that he dyed his hair gold to match the jersey. What a dork.


Anonymous said...

after the mess in the box where every spanish man had a shot blocked, i thought "maybe that swedish defense is about to lose it completely."

well, the didn't lose it completely, but they lost it enough. good old villa.

i'm surprised it took my prompting to make nikki realize that el nino's hair is now made of gold to match the number on his back.
it's an inspired bit of dyeing, actually.


Melanie said...

Ramos is a contender for worst hair as is Puyol.

Elisa said...

What is wrong with Ramos? Too much disco? He left way too much space going forward and made some very questionable decisions. Disco move or early lunge vs Zlatan. No! No! No! Well Super Villa saved the day and Greece caved to the Russians, so away we go to the hated Quarters...

Nikki from the Treble said...

the disco story is one of my favorites so far... i'm guessing ramos is still single... it MUST be the hair.