08 June 2008

Day 2

Yay! More games!
Yay! No hangover!

Poor Austria. Another host team that tried but fell short. That penalty was a joke.

But here is the lesson from the first three games: no matter how pretty you play, no matter what kind of Stars you have on your team, hard work & taking your chances when they come are what will win these games. That's how you have to play it in the group stages at least.

I'm watching the Germany game now & they just scored. Big surprise. After seeing all the teams in this group does anyone really think that it won't be Germany blowing through to the next stage without breaking a sweat?

Oh and are we surprised that the German and Polish fans have already been in fights? The English are laughing their heads off right now at the fact that for once, they are not the troublemakers.


Anonymous said...

half time in ger-pol. so far this match has the best energy. i mean on the pitch. all the matches have had awesome growds & great atmosphere, like nikki said.

but germany and poland are Bringin' It. of course, it's just making my mouth water for tomorrow.


Matt said...

The Spurs boards are giving a thumbs-up to Modric's performance. Not perfect, but plenty to like.