12 June 2008


Ok, so it was more the defender's fault than Lehmann but let me have my fun.
Croatia just scored on Germany by the way if you are just catching up.....

Ok ok, Lehmann just saved their arses from 2-0 so it was not all that lame.

(edit again)
Lehmann could have done more for that 2nd goal.
What happened to Germany? Where's the sparkle?

(edit again)
Oh Lehmann. You make me so happy sometimes. Schweinstiger just got a straight red and LameMan complained and got himself a yellow. So very typical.
The tournament's first red card!


Matt said...

I'm guessing everyone who jumped off the Croatia bandwagon after the Austria game is getting back on ;)

Schweinsteiger's bleach job is the early leader for Worst Hair of the Tournament.

Anonymous said...


great item, nikki. no one loves the way you poke fun at LameMan more than i do.

so much for germany as favoirites. this was a fun game.