09 June 2008

Italy starting line up

No De Rossi?? Pirlo, Ambrosini & Gattuso? Really?

Half fit Panucci and old creaky Zambo??

Game started.... what the hell is up with Holland's light blue socks?
And damn, our all blue outfits are HOTTT.

(edit again)
The Dutch just scored. I'll only say it once : OFFSIDE.

(edit again)
*sigh* Why am I not surprised? We get upset because of the first goal and what happens......

(edit again)
No changes at halftime? Are you serious?
That all Milan midfield is just a dream, eh? That's how they got to 5th place- by being this fantastic. Let's go ahead and leave those Roma players on the bench. You know, those players that most of Europe was calling the best team in Italy this season.
That seems like a GREAT idea.
*head explodes*

(edit again)
2 subs and those 3 milan midfielders are still there. I can't understand it at all.

(edits again)
Ah, I totally deserved that 3rd goal as I made fun of Gio being too old. It's the italians who are too old and too tired. If we play like this in the next 2 games, we 100% deserve to go home and get tomatoes thrown at us. If we go with the all Milan midfield in the next two games, Donadoni deserves to be sacked. I am disgusted.


Elisa said...

I am not sure what was worst the midfield or the defense.

Matt said...

The worst thing about that first goal is it gives the Italians an excuse. Instead of recognizing that the Dutch outplayed them and there are lots of things that need fixing, they can shout "we wuz robbed!" and keep pretending everything is OK.

Diana (from the treble too!) said...

Matt - spare me - no one is using that as an excuse - we lost 3 nil, not 1 nil. I bet the FIGC are kicking themselves in the ass for renewing Donadoni's contract BEFORE the Euros...His decision making yesterday was BEYOND questionable. What a F'ing JOKE!! An all Milan midfield for 90 minutes! You're havin a laugh! Elisa - to answer your question, I'd say the midfield was worse - they are the ones who allowed the players to get through to our defense. Donadoni better think LONG AND HARD about his line up before Friday.

Anonymous said...

that game was a nightmare.


but i wasn't full of hope before this all began. this is a completely different team than went to WC, aside from the sad core of aging has-beens.
the smart men quit while they were ahead.

despite the seemingly inevitable demise of the champions of the world, this was only the first match. how often has italy screwed up the first match?


in conclusion, i'll still be watching anxiously on friday.


Anonymous said...

Diana, spare me.

To place all blame on the Milan midfield is just plain wrong. Yes, I agree, putting in Ambrosini in place of De Rossi was terrible, terrible management. Perhaps Donadoni overthought himself? But considering Holland's performance, and they were pretty darn good last night, do you think an Aquilani or De Rossi would've made a difference? Bottom line, bad management and Holland overall played a crisper, more active game than the Italians. Let's take a deep breath and not make this a Milan-Roma thing.