11 June 2008

Return to Group A

I'm a bit sleepy this morning but the first game is good and keeping my interest. Portugal are currently ahead & greasyhair man (as my boyfriend calls Ronaldo) has scored. I wish he'd get those back bits of his hair cut off. It's very distracting.
And don't you love how Nuno Gomes BELTS out the national anthem every time? He feels it man.
Cech is just as shakey has he has been with Chelsea this past season. That's a shame as I know he's on at least one of my fantasy teams. *sigh*

Wow. That's a lot of buttons open on the shirt of the coach for Turkey.
It must have inspired his team - they just scored what's probably the winner in injury time.

(edit again)
So that's the Swiss officially out & Portugal in the next round. Sadness for the host country.

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Anonymous said...

thank god i didn't notice the open button on the manager's shirt. that sounds a bit horrifying.

Portugal are still looking hot. did you comment of nuno gomez's heart-felt rendering of the portugese national anthem? i hope you mentioned it & i missed it. good stuff.