23 September 2005

week 6 of the epl

in haiku form:

a crespo header
as swift as a hunting hawk
robben's quick winner

he's back from the dead
two goals from his head so high
poor the sad toffees

sleep, sleep, sleep soundly
as the game goes on you sleep
and roy breaks his foot

city tries and tries
but lady luck is not there
handball for big sam

oh the spurs we jest
eight in the midfield packed full
without rippling nets

22 September 2005

week 7 & 8 of ligue 1

awww our first loss of the season! and against auxerre who have been having a torrid time of late! and we even scored first and it was called back for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. b*stards.
and my cutie pieroni has a bobo-like miss. bless his cute little head. we at least bounce back with a point in midweek and are still in the top half of the table. if we can remain there until christmas, i'd be amazed and ecstatic.

st. etienne
they may have had a great 3-0 win over psg at the weekend but then they also lose for their first time at midweek against nancy!! nancy who are in 18th place! and it breaks their run of 1534 minutes of not conceeding a goal at home. damn. no wonder janot is my french fantasy league keeper. what happened to that brilliant backline we saw against psg??

lyon & psg
so that leaves lyon as the only unbeaten team in france but these past two games have only been draws while psg at least have a win and a loss and are now 2 points behind lyon in the table. and how cute is landrin (psg) with his spikey hair lately? lyon should consider themselves lucky after that bordeaux game: 2 handballs in the box that were not called against lyon and their defense looked shakier than it has been all season.

poor poor monaco. they lose over the weekend and then deschamps quits which throws everything into chaos. all the credit in the world to them for managing a win in midweek. the game against nice this coming weekend should help them continue rebuilding. you just hate to see prince albert looking all unhappy in the stands, now don't you?

week 3 & 4 of serie a

roma roma roma
at least it was a point against livorno & there were some fancy totti moves that i just love to watch. and then it gets better at home against parma! nonda scores twice and pannucci & totti make it a proper rout. have i mentioned how much i love the youngsters lately? curci, bovo, rosi, aquilani.... add in veteran de rossi at the ripe old age of 22 and this is a team that can become something to cheer about for years to come.

a crisis this early in the season??? milan lose to sampdoria (and the only goal they manage to score was actually offside) but then get it together enough to beat lazio. ahaahahahahahaa. sheva had a very nice goal. no paolo on the pitch but we get to see him watching from the stands and even celebrating the goals. ah bless.
and damn, he's hot.

but not as hot as luca toni (for me, at least). he scores twice against udinese and has an assist for fiore and then scores again against lecce. his thighs are really really lovely.
no, really. he's so freaking tall!
oh and lecce were awfully cute when they scored and then all ran to hug the coach. how often do you see that?

mmm. cruz all wet and with his shirt off is not a bad sight. trust me. 2 wins in these 2 games - nothing spectacular, but 6 points will keep the grumbling at bay for now.

21 September 2005

week 4 of serie a

(week 3 will come soon.... promise. x)

didn't i say on the show that i was going to be positive and that we always do well at home against parma??

who scored again? oh yes, luca toni. mmmmmm luca toni.

and to top off the happines...... lazio lost. and roma are ahead of both milan & lazio in the table.