23 September 2005

week 6 of the epl

in haiku form:

a crespo header
as swift as a hunting hawk
robben's quick winner

he's back from the dead
two goals from his head so high
poor the sad toffees

sleep, sleep, sleep soundly
as the game goes on you sleep
and roy breaks his foot

city tries and tries
but lady luck is not there
handball for big sam

oh the spurs we jest
eight in the midfield packed full
without rippling nets


Jenny said...

*clap clap clap*
I'm mightily impressed, though the verse about it is so much more lively than the Liverpool game actually was.
The Arsenal verse is clearly the chef d'oevre of this collection.

jtgulls said...

What? No praise of the returning hero, Young Michael Owen?

Maybe next time.

Pete A. said...

I bitch about Sol Campbells abscence (is he soft? sell him if he's unable to play.) but he definitely makes a huge diff in defense. (does DD score if Sols fit? Hindsight-bad pete)
West Ham game was entertaining if disappointing. Must use Lundberg as a striker. Just an intuition?