30 June 2008

Final Thoughts

So I never really came back to post about the final... needless to say, I was very happy but obviously too stressed and then excited to post during/after the game. But now I've had a day to process it and the best thing about this is the simple fact that the best and most consistent team actually won the tournament. Spain were unbeaten, scored the most goals, played the prettiest footy and came away with the trophy. How cool (and rare) is that? Not only unbeaten but with the top scorer (Villa) and the best player (Xavi) of the tournament. A total sweep for the Spanish.
I'm quite pleased that El Nino scored the winning goal - when he plays for Spain I can love him again as I did when he was back at Atletico Madrid and I almost cried when I saw the shirt that Ramos was wearing in the celebrations - a dedication to Antonio Puerta. Senna became a world star, Casillas was perfect as always, Fabregas became the super sub.... overall I can't say enough good things about this team. And best of all, they are young and will be able to grow stronger from here. Hopefully older teams (hint hint France & Italy) can learn from this success and move towards it.
My only gripe about the final? The King & Queen showed up so we did not get to see the Princess celebrating!

29 June 2008

The Final

The second half is just starting, I've been too tense to type yet, there's been silly yellow cards, blood & a goal from El Nino. That's a good boy.

27 June 2008

The Princess & the Chancellor

One of my favorite things about this tournament and about the upcoming final in particular are the famous & special guests of the teams in the stands.
Yes we got to see Figo and Zizou and other various ex-players and coaches in the stands during different games but my favorites are 2 women: the Spanish Princess and the German Chancellor.
These two are very passionate about their teams and crack me up every time the camera shows them. It's definitely not just a boys game or a guy thing when you see how much it means to them.
During the Spain v Russia semifinal, the Princess' fist pump after the first goal and the exuberant hug with her husband, the Crown Prince, were shows of pure football joy.
Then you have the German Chancellor who has been texting the players before & after the games, seen cheering in the stands and if unable to make a game, she makes her cabinet members or aides update her via text. Now that's dedication. Maybe even too much in Schweinsteiger's opinion: she reprimanded the player personally when he got himself a red card telling him he 'shouldn't do the same stupid things again.' He stated "When Frau Chancellor says you have to do something you have to do it."
So who will be celebrating come Sunday - the Princess or the Chancellor? While I do hope it's the Princess, it would be entertaining to see Frau Chancellor jumping up & down in football joy too.
Right now, these 2 women are my football heroes.

26 June 2008

Spain v Russia

Wooooo! Come on Spain, make my Thursday a happy one. Even if you are wearing your 'unlucky' yellow jerseys. Apparently this is where I get my dislike of the color and I never knew. Huh. Football teaches us all so much.

I've been
too caught up in the game to type but now that it's 2-0 I can breathe again.
It's a shame Torres was taken off again... oh well. He can rest up for the final now.
What the hell happened to Russia? This is not the team I remember from the last couple of games. What a shame.

As I was typing the Spanish boys made it 3-0. WOO HOO!

Germany v Spain, eh? Spain are going to win this thing!

25 June 2008

Germany v Turkey

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Football time!
Anthems have been sung & we have kickoff.

It's already 1-1 and it's only 25 minutes or so into the first half. Great game so far, lame move from Lehmann for that Turkey goal (big surprise) and nice goal from Schweinsteiger to tie it up.
But dude! What the hell is that facial hair on that Turkish player... was it Hamit Altintop? Or Ayhan Akman? I'll have to figure this out. Stay tuned...

(edit again)
Ah it was Ayhan. He just bumped heads with Rolfes and now they are both bleeding. Yuck. But not as yuck as that facial hair.

(edit again)
Second half and the Germans just don't have any oomph, pizazz, verve... you get the point. And where oh where is Ballack? Not in this game...

(edit again)
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! The telly is down - all over the world apparently. And Germany scored a second but I don't get to see it, and you don't get to see it.... this SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS.

(edit again)
GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Turkey just scored and we didn't get to see it.

(edit again)
The telly comes back in time for me to see the third German goal and it was niiiice. Very nice.
And then we lose pictures again but now it's all over. A horrible way to end such an exciting match - with the live feed coming & going.
But what a game! Germany onto the final and Turkey out.

24 June 2008

Thoughts before the semis

Thank god football is back tomorrow. I was seriously jonesing for some footy. I'll probably be a mess in July.

So, the Euros, not bad, eh?
This is the most entertaining tournament I can remember watching in a long long time. I've seen every minute of every game and have loved every bit of it and might just cry along with the winners/losers on Sunday.

The disappointments:
*Big name strikers: Luca Toni, Titi, Torres, Gomez... sure there are a couple of goals there but none of them are ending up with the golden boot, are they?
*The oldies: Sweden, Italy, France all suffered because of old tired legs.
*The Milan midfield
*Most of the French team. Really, were any of them any good?

The pleasant surprises:
*The whole Russian team
*The Dutch in the group stages
*Villa's hattrick
*Gigi's penalty save

The 'Um, Wow' moments:
*Nuno Gomes's' 'singing' skills
*Luca Toni's 'moustache'
*Torres's dye job
*Low's sending off
*The opening ceremony - best. ceremony. ever.

23 June 2008

My ace predictions

Remember when I said Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands & Italy were going to the semifinals?
Ha! Told you not to listen to me!

So, here is my next lame attempt....
Germany v Turkey = Germany
Russia v Spain = Russia

I hope/wish/want the Spanish to get it together and beat Russia... but that game against Italy took a lot out of them & the defense has been shaky & Russia have great momentum.

The Comedown

I am not just talking about Italy's exit. I'm talking about 16 days of football and then... NOTHING.
Why am I here? Why did I even get out of bed this morning? There is no point.

I know I am a spoiled pathetic brat.

Does anyone have some youtube footage of the Spanish boys running laps or something?

22 June 2008

Spain v Italy

Sorry but I couldn't tear myself away from biting my nails/staring at the telly long enough to blog yet.
It's second half and it's still 0-0. Neither team are playing very well. Italy just had a chance but Casillas saves the day.

There is quite a lot of hair gel on the pitch, isn't there?

Seriously, Toni is NOT going to score in this tournament is he?

(edit again)
At this rate, whomever goes on will get resoundingly beaten by the Russians in the semifinal. Nice 'prize' for the winner.
And I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet: Luca Toni's moustache??!!?? NOOOOOOOO.

(edit again)
Wow. Torres out. Really? When it looks like we are heading to extra time? I know the top scorer from La Liga is coming on to replace him but... it's a risky move.

(edit again)
Onto extra time. Big. Surprise.

(edit again)
OK Del Piero. Time to prove me wrong.

(edit again)
Bloody freaking penalties. Of course it ends like this. I hate penalties when Italy is involved. HAAATE.

(edit again)
I couldn't even watch. Spain beat Italy on penalties. For the game that just happened, a deserved outcome. Italy have been poor this tournament and need to go home and sit in the corner and think about what they have done.
Spain need to play a whole lot better than that against Russia if they want to get to the final.

21 June 2008

Russians v the Dutch

The second half just started and hopefully the Dutch have figured out what to do next. Russia had the run of the first half and nowhere seen was the Netherlands that ran riot in the group stage. Russia really should have scored because if the Dutch come out all guns blazing and Russia go down, it will be their fault for not scoring when they had the chance.

The insane amounts of orange shirts in the stadium is almost blinding and yes, once again, we have heard 'Seven Nations Army' from the fans. I have heard it at every game so far. Thanks Roma/Italy! The White Stripes should send you a giftie from the profits they are making on the ringtone.

Another last minute equalizer. This time it's Rudd and the orange fans go wild. There was a really interesting moment at the end of regulation time when there was a foul and the ref showed a yellow to a Russian player and it was his second yellow but the assistant ref stopped him and the ref took the yellow back. Very strange but cool that the ref corrected his mistake.
In extra time now, so many chances both way. The Russians look more likely but you never know. At this rate, we could have penalty kicks again! More drama! woo hoo!

(edit again)
Second half of extra time now. You know the Dutch do NOT want to go to penalties. But then again, everyone looks sooooo tired. I'm sure both Spain & Italy are watching this thinking in a Monty Burns way "exxxxxxcellent" because whoever survives is going to be spent.

(edit again)
Woo hoo! Russia scored - nice goal - and everyone goes WILD. Oh except for the Dutch fans. They are chewing their nails off.

(edit again)
Holy crap! Russia just made it 3-1! Arshavin scored. Is he the breakout player of this tournament or what?? Amazing stuff. I can't believe that's it for the Dutch and Russia are onto the semis. Incredible.
I freaking LOVE this game.

20 June 2008

Croatia v Turkey

I have nothing invested in this game. I'm not a supporter of either team, don't care greatly on the outcome, have no favorite players.... so it's nice to just watch it for the football aspect. What a novelty.
I just hope for Drama.

19 June 2008

Portugal v Germany

Woooo hooooo. It's time! Ronaldo v Ballack. No Frings, Löw in the stands and not on the bench but Podolski in. All the usuals for Portugal. I can't wait to see Nuno Gomes belt out the national anthem.

Yay! The Guardian's MBM report agress with me:
"European Pop Idol: The anthems arrive and, by God, Nuno Gomes has got a strong voice. Unfortunately he is horribly out of tune and is about 10 seconds behind the rest of the team. He does, however, have nice hair, which should secure him the crucial teenage girl demographic."

(edit again)
Nice goal from Germany, good play, very quick. I didn't expect the Germans to score first. This will be interesting.

(edit again)
Great first half - so excited! Now Portugal have to GO FOR IT in this second half.

(edit again)
Wow wow wow.
Great freaking game. Portugal make it interesting and it's 3-2 in the end. Just wow.

Quarterfinals ahoy!

So it's down to 8. Here are my guesses at who go through to the semis:
Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy.

You know me - I am AWFUL at this so if I were you, I'd bet against me.

As I said in last night's post, the main story for me so far is the old v young debate. To be a successful manager you need to figure out the right balance. If Spain can drop Raul then Italy needs to leave Del Piero home (did anyone else notice that the one game we won Ale was on the bench?) and France can say adieu to Titi... you get the point. While on one hand I am sad that the players that made me love Italy are now old and gone (Maldini, Nesta, Totti) I am also so happy to see boys like Aquilani getting their chance.

And while everyone loooooves the Dutch right now (my coworker who has been forced to watch the games with me in our office has declared his support for the Oranje because of their attacking play), if they don't win it in the end, will everyone remember how great they were in 20 years? Or will they just see the Dutch have failed to win a tournament in a billion years???
Here, too, there must be balance. You've got to remember to win games in order to win a tournament. That's the hard part.

Overall, I am more than happy with what I have seen these past 2 weeks and I am already starting to panic at the thought that it is almost over. Seriously, I do NOT want to think about the withdrawal I am going to go through on Monday & Tuesday of next week. This is when I miss the show the most. My love to all of you Treble listeners. *sniff*

18 June 2008

End to the group stages

So this is it. It went by really really fast, didn't it? I can't believe it's time for the quarterfinals already.

And I can't believe Russia move on and not Sweden. Sweden were so outplayed today. Russia deserved it.
If this tournament has taught me anything, it's that the oldies must go. France, Italy, Sweden.... if your squad is depending on a bunch of over 30 players, it's time to move on. Sure it's great to have some veterans with experience but they are old and tired and you better balance that out. Or else you are screwed.
That said, I don't think Russia has a chance against the Dutch.

And then there was little ole Spain. They make 10 changes to their line up and they still beat Greece. Either Spain are the real deal or Greece really suck.
Oh yeah, Greece really suck.

Onto the next stage! Woo hoo!

17 June 2008

Death to the Group of Death

So, my friends, this is the end. Well, it might be for Italy. And maybe France which does brighten me up a bit.
The Dutch technically have nothing to play for but neither did Croatia and they won their game yesterday. That gives me a bit of hope.
Whatever happens, it's our own damn fault. Sure there were offsides galore but we played like crap the first game and couldn't take all our chances the second. Our own damn fault.

Lineups: Buffon, Panucci/Grosso/Chiellini/Zambo, Gattuso/De Rossi/Pirlo/Perrotta, Cassano/Toni
Interesting. Cassano from the start and Perrotta & Zambo getting another chance. I'm glad Del Piero is on the bench; let's face it, he's not a starter anymore. He's the super sub.
So will the old legs of Panuc/Zambo be able to handle this? Can Gattuso & De Rossi both avoid red cards? Can Cassano perform?
Ugh. Very. Nervous.

The French, it's the usual. Except for Vieira on the bench. And Thuram. Wow.

(edit again)
Poor Ribery. He looked to be in A LOT of pain. That was awful.

(edit again, much later)
Yay. I can breathe again. Well, we win and are rewarded with a match against Spain. But hey, at least we won. And even better - my Aquilani got a run out & I am sooooo happy about that. With both Gattuso & Pirlo missing the next match (idiots) he'll also get that start. Yay!

16 June 2008

Group B last day

Um, how did Gomez NOT score? Seriously?

Both coaches just got sent off in the Germany/Austria game. Is that a first for the Euros? Everyone seemed awfully confused.

(edit again)
So the coaches were sent off for "constant bickering". By those standards, Jenny & I should have permanent red cards when near each other.

(edit again)
Damn. Nice goal by Ballack! Our first goal scored from a freekick in this tournament.

(edit again)
Bring on Germany v Portugal! This should be fun.

15 June 2008

Craziness for final Group A!

Um, wow.
I couldn't type while all of THAT was going on. What a comeback for Turkey. I still can barely process it. 2 goals in 2 minutes to tie it and then win it for Turkey. Some awful goalkeeping by Cech. Bless. Those fans wearing the Cech-style head gear must be sad.
And the Turkish keeper must be feeling sad as he's missing the next match. What the hell was he thinking?? Like he was going to get away with knocking someone down in the box when the ball wasn't even around. Idiot. And Baros getting carded on the sidelines. Idiot.

Oh and the Swiss beat the Portugal's b-team. Good for Switzerland.

14 June 2008

Greek Goodbye?

Thank god we got a goal or this game was set to be a snoozer. But Russia scored first and now Greece has no choice but to go for it or they are out of the tournament.
I am not enjoying the organish to Russia's red kits; it looks all wrong to me. Portugal's deep wine is my favorite red of the tournament so far. No need to ask which blue I like.

Sweden v Spain

Not the excitement from yesterday but still good and we still have some controversy. Spain so should have had a penalty before halftime but that's how it goes (says the Italian fan). *sigh*
At least my Torres scored.

Dear god, as I was writing this Spain just had chance after chance in the box and couldn't get the goal. You couldn't score in a brothel, you couldn't score in a brothel...

And my, those Swedish players just look so...... Swedish, don't they? I'll be so sad when Mellberg retires and I can no longer say (in a very deep voice with force) "OLOF!" every time he appears on my screen. It just won't be the same.

Villa Villa Villa!
Yay! 6 points for Spain, 4 goals for David Villa and one for Torres finally. Jenny just made me realise that he dyed his hair gold to match the jersey. What a dork.

13 June 2008

Zut Alors!

The French, they kinda suck, huh?
I mean it will still be a tough game for Italy because it's like a derby and anything can happen. But after our display today and their display today, we should be able to beat them on Tuesday. Too bad our fate is not in our hands and we need help from the Dutch. But it's our fault and I am not being whiney. Let's see if we can even win on Tuesday before I start freaking out over all the possibilities.

Italy Italy Italy


Wow. What a game. I am hugely disappointed but not in the same way I was on Monday. We played so much better but still didn't get a win and I highly doubt we'll go on now. But after that display, I no longer need to be ashamed of my boys and I am grateful for that.

12 June 2008

Austria v Poland

No offense Poland, but Austria really need to score. Apparently any Austrian goalscorer has been offered a lifetime supply of beer by a local brewery and that's just too cool not to happen.


Ok, so it was more the defender's fault than Lehmann but let me have my fun.
Croatia just scored on Germany by the way if you are just catching up.....

Ok ok, Lehmann just saved their arses from 2-0 so it was not all that lame.

(edit again)
Lehmann could have done more for that 2nd goal.
What happened to Germany? Where's the sparkle?

(edit again)
Oh Lehmann. You make me so happy sometimes. Schweinstiger just got a straight red and LameMan complained and got himself a yellow. So very typical.
The tournament's first red card!

11 June 2008

Return to Group A

I'm a bit sleepy this morning but the first game is good and keeping my interest. Portugal are currently ahead & greasyhair man (as my boyfriend calls Ronaldo) has scored. I wish he'd get those back bits of his hair cut off. It's very distracting.
And don't you love how Nuno Gomes BELTS out the national anthem every time? He feels it man.
Cech is just as shakey has he has been with Chelsea this past season. That's a shame as I know he's on at least one of my fantasy teams. *sigh*

Wow. That's a lot of buttons open on the shirt of the coach for Turkey.
It must have inspired his team - they just scored what's probably the winner in injury time.

(edit again)
So that's the Swiss officially out & Portugal in the next round. Sadness for the host country.

10 June 2008

Group D continued

Nice Ibra goal as much as I hate to say it.
Is it just me or do Greece suck the life out of their games? I am all in favor of strong defenses, I love organized backlines, I like seeing the players think & calculate & plan..... but it doesn't feel that way to me with Greece. It just feels like "don't let them score, don't let them score, don't let them score."

And as I was writing this, there's the second goal for Sweden. Once that Greek defense was broken, there was no way back.

Group D

Yay! Spain has already scored and made my day better.
I will NOT think of yesterday; today is all about my spanish boys.

So, second half, still 2-0, my Torres off, Villa desperately trying to get a hattrick. More power to him.
There hasn't been a hattrick yet as well as no headed goals in the tournament. Interesting.

(edit again)
Hattrick for Villa! Woo hoo!

(edit again)
And now Russia have scored a header.
Dude, I say it, it comes true...... the question is, should I use my power for good or for evil?

(edit again)
4 goals to Spain! Woo hoo! Cesc heads in one for fun after Russia almost scored again. Great game for the Spainish team.

09 June 2008

Italy starting line up

No De Rossi?? Pirlo, Ambrosini & Gattuso? Really?

Half fit Panucci and old creaky Zambo??

Game started.... what the hell is up with Holland's light blue socks?
And damn, our all blue outfits are HOTTT.

(edit again)
The Dutch just scored. I'll only say it once : OFFSIDE.

(edit again)
*sigh* Why am I not surprised? We get upset because of the first goal and what happens......

(edit again)
No changes at halftime? Are you serious?
That all Milan midfield is just a dream, eh? That's how they got to 5th place- by being this fantastic. Let's go ahead and leave those Roma players on the bench. You know, those players that most of Europe was calling the best team in Italy this season.
That seems like a GREAT idea.
*head explodes*

(edit again)
2 subs and those 3 milan midfielders are still there. I can't understand it at all.

(edits again)
Ah, I totally deserved that 3rd goal as I made fun of Gio being too old. It's the italians who are too old and too tired. If we play like this in the next 2 games, we 100% deserve to go home and get tomatoes thrown at us. If we go with the all Milan midfield in the next two games, Donadoni deserves to be sacked. I am disgusted.

Death begins

Well, the Group of Death begins.

I'm watching France v Romania now and am already feeling panicked. Nothing too exciting in the game yet; no Titi so it's Anelka up front. It's really the same difference, non?

Game over now & 0-0! Italy next.

I think I might throw up.

08 June 2008


I almost forgot!

The Croatia manager is in a heavy metal band??!!!

Someone please find me pictures.

Clean sheets ahoy

Germany start the tournament as favorites with a 2-0 win. Not too spectacular but expected.
Day 1 & 2 both serve up 1-0 & 2-0 games.
Wow. All the winners so far have also managed clean sheets. Needless to say, I doubt we'll see that tomorrow.


Day 2

Yay! More games!
Yay! No hangover!

Poor Austria. Another host team that tried but fell short. That penalty was a joke.

But here is the lesson from the first three games: no matter how pretty you play, no matter what kind of Stars you have on your team, hard work & taking your chances when they come are what will win these games. That's how you have to play it in the group stages at least.

I'm watching the Germany game now & they just scored. Big surprise. After seeing all the teams in this group does anyone really think that it won't be Germany blowing through to the next stage without breaking a sweat?

Oh and are we surprised that the German and Polish fans have already been in fights? The English are laughing their heads off right now at the fact that for once, they are not the troublemakers.

Continuing thoughts on the first day

As Matt said in the comments to the last post, Portugal is more than Ronaldo & it was nice to see that. He was an important part of both goals but he didn't score. Too bad for all those Fantasy Footy teams that he was chosen for....

Overall, I was happy with the first day. Tight games but I think that's to be expected for all these first round games of the group stages.
And so far, the atmosphere at the stadiums and the fans are great. I wish I was there.

07 June 2008

Opening day

Woo hoo! I am finally awake enough to be able to type (give me a break, the first game starts for me in the morning & I was drinking last night).

It's halftime and although the first half wasn't spectacular, it didn't put me back to sleep. Watching Frei walk off in tears did break my heart though. Bless.
And Diana texted me as soon as the game started with "Did you see the eyebrows on the Swiss keeper??!! He MUST have had them done!"

Oh, and the opening ceremony.... let's just say when I saw people with giant cube heads, I thought I might still be drunk from the night before.

06 June 2008

ESPN adverts for the Euros

I know on the show we were all dismayed & hard on ESPN when we found out that they were broadcasting the Euros this year. I know, ultimately, this is FANTASTIC for the game that they are showing the whole tournament and I will do my best not to be critical 100% of the time.
And they have got off to a great start; have you seen the amazing commercials they have been running (during the NBA playoffs no less!)?

I did a youtube search and here are the ones so far:


I have to admit I teared up a bit during one or two of these. Yes, I am a dork.

05 June 2008

Top 15 sexiest players at Euro 2008

Taken from the wonderful Who Ate All The Pies site:


Interesting list... I don't mind the top 3 but I certainly don't agree on all of them - Del Piero? Olaf? BEHRAMI???
Who do you think should be in the list? And who needs to be kicked out?
I look forward to these comments.

From The Fiver

This made me laugh this morning:

"Dear Sir/Madam, We know that you are among those who do not always respect the rules during sports tournaments and, so far as we are aware, have been banned from stadiums or received some other punishment ... We want you to be able to enjoy this great championship in a festive, fair-minded spirit ... but please be aware that violence will not be tolerated ... we hope that we will meet again in pleasant circumstances. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us" - extracts from the letter sent by the Swiss police to 300 known hooligans today.

04 June 2008

General team/squad musings

I know I didn't included all the squad lists but let's face it, do I even know 75% of the names on Poland's list? Do I really think Austria is going to make it out alive of their group? Do I really know all that much about the Swiss attack or Turkey's defense? And to be honest, I don't see Greece repeating their luck from 2004.

So, onto what I have been thinking...

I think that Germany squad is strong. Every tournament some English friend of mine talks about how the Germans are going to go far and every time I'm like 'nah, no way'. But then they were excellent at the World Cup and that squad has only gotten stronger.

I think Italy have a lot to worry about now that Canna is out. We all know that Materazzi is a red card in waiting and both Panucci & Zambo are past their prime (Italy actually have the oldest squad there! Eeek!). I am officially worried.

But I still don't think France will win it all. They have ridiculously talented individuals but I don't see them working as a cohesive team. Not this time around.

Will Spain ever get a break? This is the best chance in a long time with Torres in form & a tough defense.

Or what about Portugal who almost did it last time? Ronaldo wants to be the star of the tournament but will that unbalance the team spirit?

03 June 2008

Host countries rumble?

So I was watching the Colbert Report and he showed this special postage stamp that Austria issued which does that 3D-ish moving thing when you tilt it back and forth. It has a famous footballer kicking a ball; it is pretty cool.
Anyway, so this kinda ups the standard for the next host country, yes? I mean if Austria can put out this special stamp then the next guy better do something special too.
And do you think the Swiss have done anything like this? Do you think Austria went behind their back and made the special stamp in secret just to one-up Switzerland?? And wouldn't that piss off the Swiss? Do you think they would make an exception to that whole "we're a peaceful country" thing & start some trouble with Austria?
The tourney hasn't even started and maybe we could already have our first case of handbags!! Sweet!!!

Germany squad

Goalkeepers 1 Jens Lehmann 12 Robert Enke 23 René Adler
Defenders 2 Marcell Jansen 3 Arne Friedrich 4 Clemens Fritz 5 Heiko Westermann 16 Philipp Lahm 17 Per Mertesacker 21 Christoph Metzelder
Midfielders 6 Simon Rolfes 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger 8 Torsten Frings 13 Michael Ballack 14 Piotr Trochowski 15 Thomas Hitzlsperger 18 Tim Borowski
Forwards 9 Mario Gómez 10 Oliver Neuville 11 Miroslav Klose 19 David Odonkor 20 Lukas Podolski 22 Kevin Kuranyi

Yay! Lehmann = instant entertainment.

Czech squad

Goalkeepers 1 Petr Čech 16 Jaromír Blažek 23 Daniel Zítka
Defenders 2 Zdeněk Grygera 6 Marek Jankulovski 12 Zdeněk Pospěch 13 Michal Kadlec 21 Tomáš Ujfaluši 22 David Rozehnal
Midfielders 3 Jan Polák 4 Tomáš Galásek 5 Radoslav Kováč 14 David Jarolím 17 Marek Matějovský 18 Tomáš Sivok 19 Rudolf Skácel 20 Jaroslav Plašil
Forwards 7 Libor Sionko 8 Martin Fenin 9 Jan Koller 10 Václav Svěrkoš 11 Stanislav Vlček 15 Milan Baroš

Such a relief that there is NO Nedvěd. Now I do not have to detest this team.

Portugal squad

Goalkeepers 1 Ricardo 12 Quim 22 Rui Patrício
Defenders 2 Paulo Ferreira 3 Bruno Alves 4 Bosingwa 5 Fernando Meira 13 Miguel 14 Jorge Ribeiro 15 Pepe 16 Ricardo Carvalho
Midfielders 6 Raul Meireles 8 Petit 10 João Moutinho 18 Miguel Veloso 20 Deco
Forwards 7 Cristiano Ronaldo 9 Hugo Almeida 11 Simão 17 Ricardo Quaresma 19 Nani 21 Nuno Gomes 23 Hélder Postiga

So, is Ronaldo gonna be a big game bottler like Titi or what? Will he really be the star of the tourney like everyone is claiming? I am skeptical to say the least.
And what? Postiga is still making this team??

Fantasy footy!

Come, join the Treble league on the ESPN fantasy football game.

Here's what you need to know:

1: Go to
2: Click on Register and go through the registration and team selection process - it's totally free to play
3: Once you are on your team line-up page click on Mini League and type the following information in the Join A Mini League boxes:
League Name: The Treble's Eurotrash
Password: thetreble

02 June 2008

Romania squad

Goalkeepers 1 Bogdan Lobonţ 12 Marius Popa 23 Eduard Stancioiu
Defenders 2 Cosmin Contra 3 Răzvan Raţ 4 Gabriel Tamaş 5 Cristian Chivu 6 Mirel Rădoi 13 Cristian Sapunaru 14 Sorin Ghionea 15 Dorin Goian 17 Cosmin Moţi 22 Ştefan Radu
Midfielders 7 Florentin Petre 8 Paul Codrea 11 Răzvan Cociş 16 Bănel Nicoliţă 19 Adrian Cristea 20 Nicolae Dică
Forwards 9 Ciprian Marica 10 Adrian Mutu 18 Marius Niculae 21 Daniel Niculae

The dark horses of the group of death. Don't count them out completely. I know they could at least f*ck things up for my azzurri.

Netherlands squad

Goalkeepers 1 Edwin van der Sar 13 Henk Timmer 16 Maarten Stekelenburg
Defenders 2 André Ooijer 3 Johnny Heitinga 4 Joris Mathijsen 5 Giovanni van Bronckhorst 12 Mario Melchiot 14 Wilfred Bouma 15 Tim de Cler 20 Ibrahim Afellay 21 Khalid Boulahrouz
Midfielders 6 Demy de Zeeuw 8 Orlando Engelaar 10 Wesley Sneijder 11 Arjen Robben 17 Nigel de Jong 23 Rafael van der Vaart
Forwards 7 Robin van Persie 9 Ruud van Nistelrooy 18 Dirk Kuyt 19 Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 22 Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink

Babel is already out with injury. Does anyone else find it weird that Gio is still retaining a place in the squad? They look strong but who knows if they can actually even get out of the group.
At least one of Jenny's favorite (name) players is here - Sir Vinegar of Heffelump. Hee hee.

Spain squad

Goalkeepers 1 Iker Casillas 13 Andrés Palop 23 Pepe Reina
Defenders 2 Raúl Albiol 3 Fernando Navarro 4 Carlos Marchena 5 Carles Puyol 11 Joan Capdevila 15 Sergio Ramos 18 Álvaro Arbeloa 20 Juanito
Midfielders 6 Andrés Iniesta 8 Xavi Hernández 10 Cesc Fàbregas 12 Santi Cazorla 14 Xabi Alonso 19 Marcos Senna 22 Rubén de la Red
Forwards 7 David Villa 9 Fernando Torres 16 Sergio García 17 Daniel Güiza 21 David Silva

Raul gone. I am not as surprised or WTF as I was with Mexes but it still makes me sad. The hotness factor of the whole tourney has just diminished considerably. *sigh*

01 June 2008

France squad

Goalkeepers1 Steve Mandanda16 Sébastien Frey23 Grégory Coupet
Defenders2 Jean-Alain Boumsong3 Eric Abidal5 William Gallas13 Patrice Evra14 François Clerc15 Lilian Thuram17 Sébastien Squillaci19 Willy Sagnol
Midfielders4 Patrick Vieira6 Claude Makelele7 Florent Malouda11 Samir Nasri20 Jérémy Toulalan21 Lassana Diarra22 Franck Ribéry
Forwards8 Nicolas Anelka9 Karim Benzema10 Sidney Govou12 Thierry Henry18 Bafetimbi Gomis

And like we really expect Titi to do anything after the season he's had. Ha.

Italy squad

Goalkeepers1 Gianluigi Buffon14 Marco Amelia17 Morgan De Sanctis
Defenders2 Christian Panucci3 Fabio Grosso4 Giorgio Chiellini5 Fabio Cannavaro6 Andrea Barzagli19 Gianluca Zambrotta23 Marco Materazzi
Midfielders8 Gennaro Gattuso10 Daniele De Rossi13 Massimo Ambrosini16 Mauro Camoranesi20 Simone Perrotta21 Andrea Pirlo22 Alberto Aquilani
Forwards7 Alessandro Del Piero9 Luca Toni11 Antonio Di Natale12 Marco Borriello15 Fabio Quagliarella18 Antonio Cassano

So, we all know how I feel about Del Piero... maybe he'll prove me wrong.
I'm quite happy that my De Rossi got the fabled number 10; I think that is sweet. But the talk of Pirlo being our "inspirational" player now that Totti is gone? Not so sweet.


Welcome all.
As promised, here is Eurotrash, The Treble's semi-official blog during tournament. I, Nikki, will be writing the posts & hopefully both Jenny & Diana will join in on the comments as well as all of you. Please play nice in the comments.... well, as nice as we all can be. But don't except much from me when I'm watching all those players that I love to hate.