26 June 2008

Spain v Russia

Wooooo! Come on Spain, make my Thursday a happy one. Even if you are wearing your 'unlucky' yellow jerseys. Apparently this is where I get my dislike of the color and I never knew. Huh. Football teaches us all so much.

I've been
too caught up in the game to type but now that it's 2-0 I can breathe again.
It's a shame Torres was taken off again... oh well. He can rest up for the final now.
What the hell happened to Russia? This is not the team I remember from the last couple of games. What a shame.

As I was typing the Spanish boys made it 3-0. WOO HOO!

Germany v Spain, eh? Spain are going to win this thing!


defmonk said...

Geez..but doesn't a monumental battle between old enemies Germany and Russia sound appealing? Spain v Germany will just be typical big match footy...probably 120 minutes of restrained tactical football followed by PK insanity....

Anonymous said...

no penalties. it'll be hot & heavy. Spain will continue to BRING it, and Germany will find their efficiency undermined by SPUNK.
i'm not going to predict a winner, but i will predict goals goals goals and no need for extra time.