22 June 2008

Spain v Italy

Sorry but I couldn't tear myself away from biting my nails/staring at the telly long enough to blog yet.
It's second half and it's still 0-0. Neither team are playing very well. Italy just had a chance but Casillas saves the day.

There is quite a lot of hair gel on the pitch, isn't there?

Seriously, Toni is NOT going to score in this tournament is he?

(edit again)
At this rate, whomever goes on will get resoundingly beaten by the Russians in the semifinal. Nice 'prize' for the winner.
And I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet: Luca Toni's moustache??!!?? NOOOOOOOO.

(edit again)
Wow. Torres out. Really? When it looks like we are heading to extra time? I know the top scorer from La Liga is coming on to replace him but... it's a risky move.

(edit again)
Onto extra time. Big. Surprise.

(edit again)
OK Del Piero. Time to prove me wrong.

(edit again)
Bloody freaking penalties. Of course it ends like this. I hate penalties when Italy is involved. HAAATE.

(edit again)
I couldn't even watch. Spain beat Italy on penalties. For the game that just happened, a deserved outcome. Italy have been poor this tournament and need to go home and sit in the corner and think about what they have done.
Spain need to play a whole lot better than that against Russia if they want to get to the final.


Anonymous said...

watching them try to whittle away at each other; neither finding that inspired touch they need- this match is tense if not exciting.


Anonymous said...

um, yeah. neither of them canplay this way against russia. you're quite right.

luca toni's moustache makes him look like a generic thug from --insert name of mafia comedy here--.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fair result. Italy just didn't have it this tournament. And why Cassano gets the boot in favor of Di Natale I have no clue. See ya Donadoni.

Diana (from the treble too!) said...

That was a horrible and painful game to watch. Neither team really turning it on and attacking. Thanks a lot Italia - for throwing my "we aren't a defensive team anymore" argument down the friggin toilet!! Way to show 'em! I have SOOOO much to say about this game...guess I will have to save it..

Luca Toni with that fur on his lip - gross. He looked more like a broke porn star.