24 June 2008

Thoughts before the semis

Thank god football is back tomorrow. I was seriously jonesing for some footy. I'll probably be a mess in July.

So, the Euros, not bad, eh?
This is the most entertaining tournament I can remember watching in a long long time. I've seen every minute of every game and have loved every bit of it and might just cry along with the winners/losers on Sunday.

The disappointments:
*Big name strikers: Luca Toni, Titi, Torres, Gomez... sure there are a couple of goals there but none of them are ending up with the golden boot, are they?
*The oldies: Sweden, Italy, France all suffered because of old tired legs.
*The Milan midfield
*Most of the French team. Really, were any of them any good?

The pleasant surprises:
*The whole Russian team
*The Dutch in the group stages
*Villa's hattrick
*Gigi's penalty save

The 'Um, Wow' moments:
*Nuno Gomes's' 'singing' skills
*Luca Toni's 'moustache'
*Torres's dye job
*Low's sending off
*The opening ceremony - best. ceremony. ever.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey, if you wanna talk disappointments, don't leave out Modric. i bet a few Spurs fans are feeling deflated after seeing their new summer super-signing screw things up for the Czech Republic with a sad penalty miss.

oh, and as far as pleasant surprises go, i'm personally pleased to see that Spain have performed well enough to make a few bookies extremely uncomfortable about the pre-tournament odds they were offering for their victory. (yes, i'm looking for a silver lining since i no longer have any italian eye candy to look forward to.)

oh, and speaking of italians, did Toni honestly think that growing a "neville" on his upper lip would help him put the ball in the net?