27 June 2008

The Princess & the Chancellor

One of my favorite things about this tournament and about the upcoming final in particular are the famous & special guests of the teams in the stands.
Yes we got to see Figo and Zizou and other various ex-players and coaches in the stands during different games but my favorites are 2 women: the Spanish Princess and the German Chancellor.
These two are very passionate about their teams and crack me up every time the camera shows them. It's definitely not just a boys game or a guy thing when you see how much it means to them.
During the Spain v Russia semifinal, the Princess' fist pump after the first goal and the exuberant hug with her husband, the Crown Prince, were shows of pure football joy.
Then you have the German Chancellor who has been texting the players before & after the games, seen cheering in the stands and if unable to make a game, she makes her cabinet members or aides update her via text. Now that's dedication. Maybe even too much in Schweinsteiger's opinion: she reprimanded the player personally when he got himself a red card telling him he 'shouldn't do the same stupid things again.' He stated "When Frau Chancellor says you have to do something you have to do it."
So who will be celebrating come Sunday - the Princess or the Chancellor? While I do hope it's the Princess, it would be entertaining to see Frau Chancellor jumping up & down in football joy too.
Right now, these 2 women are my football heroes.

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Matt said...

Unfortunately, the King and Queen came in for the final and took the seats, so no shots of the Princess.