03 November 2005

week 10 of la liga

wow. my bilbao managed a point! that's great considering we are still at the bottom of the table.... i'll take what i can get right now!
while barca go on a scoring streak and put 5 past real sociedad.

real betis v real madrid
really nice robinho goal - and he's really cute so that's always a plus. as long as he stays out of ronaldo's stupid goal celebrations, he'll be fine. oh and if he's spending all his time with ronaldo, he really shouldn't eat as much as that fat b*stard is eating...

valencia v racing santander
the goal by the valencia captain - albelda - was amazing. the little patch of hair on cutie david villa's chin, amazingly stupid. why would you ruin such a cute face?

atletico madrid v villareal
wow. worst mullet in awhile alert: rodrigues, who gets red carded. for his mullet i would think. (i'd like to see that written, just once, on the official match report by the ref) madrid spend most of the 2nd hlaf with a man advantage and still can't score - instead they pick up a red card of their own and villareal manage to equalize. typical.

week 9 & 10 of serie a

holy crap. are roma having a winning streak??? 3 wins in a row - one in europe - and we are suddenly in the top half of the table and better yet, WE ARE AHEAD OF LAZIO!!! let me enjoy it while it lasts....
let's revel in the win against inter.... at the freakin san siro!!! the stadium that had a hex on us for so long and we made it look so easy... at first. of course, once we were 3-0 up, we looked like we could fall apart at any moment, but hey, that's roma. let me bask in the montella goal opening the scoring and then that incredible totti run that was sealed with a cute little chip over the keeper to make it 2-0. and then as soon as the second half begins, il capitano steps up & scores a penalty. yes, he was red carded in the dying moments of the game but hey, what's a roma trip to the san siro without a red card for totti?
but we don't stop with the red cards there. my cutie chivu manages to get one at home against ascoli, and then they equalize but then a miracle happens.... mexes comes on for chivu and instead of immediately getting a red card himself, he scores! yes, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me too.

did someone say luca toni? mmmmm luca toni. i just noticed, looking at the stats, that fiorentina have not scored in 2 of their 10 games. all other 8 games, toni has scored. that's amazing. he has 12 goals in 8 games essentially. and he's hot. no, make that really really hot.

speaking of nice goals.... did you see the 2 fantastic goals by ex-roma boy d'agostino? those were absolutely amazing. i'm glad to see he is getting the playing time & his game is improving. maybe we'll see him again at roma one day.

the big game: milan v juve
for once, i am cheering on milan. and for once, milan do not disappoint me. they not only beat juve, they did it by playing so much better than the b*stards and making their much vaulted defense look like a shambles. everyone was on: gattuso ran around like a madman, seedorf scores a nice (deflected) goal, pirlo has a great freekick and nesta swings his arm cast towards ibrahimovic anytime he gets near the juve goal. perfect!

week 11 of the epl

chelsea v blackburn
wow - i think cech is actually having a bit of a bobble! 3 goals conceeded in 2 games??!! i'm shocked! at least chelsea are being "entertaining" by letting in goals and still scoring & winning in the end.... if you didn't get my intention there, that was a very sarcastic use of quotation marks.
was it my imagination or was it everytime that i saw a blackburn player on camera, he was swearing up a storm? and then mark hughes gets sent to the stands for protesting a little too much..... or maybe he was swearing.
anyway, frankie has a great game & scores a beauty of a freekick so i am pleased overall.

north london derby:
spurs won the first half, the arse the second so a 1-1 is fair. but it doesn't make up for the fact that spurs could have wrapped this up in the first 45 if they could have finished their chances. and, of course, it has to be that tw*t pires who scores... and WHY isn't there a public outcry against his "shhhhing" celebration like there was against frankie?? b*stards. and that goes double for lehman who is a bigger diver than half his team, which says a whole hell of a lot when you are talking about the olympic diving team that is the arse.

but the most entertaining game, for all non-manyoo fans, was the middlesbrough v manyoo match. i honestly can't remember the last time i have seen manyoo play this badly. boro simply dominated the game & mendieta had some fantastic goals. rio was an absolute mess & maybe alan smith lost all his talent when he shaved his head. when sir alex told him he was going to be the new "roy keane" i think alan took that a bit too literal. he could just join the richardson & ronaldo club and go short and curly. they could all go to the salon together and gossip about the nevillers & rio. it'd be super!

big sam fashion watch: an understated brown & cream look this week.

week 8 & 9 of la liga

tough two games for real madrid who were looking good previously..... first they lose against valencia where just about everything that could go wrong, did. zizou missed a penalty, gravesen got a red for a terrible tackle, & then becks gets red carded for SARCASTIC CLAPPING of all things. what. an. idiot.
it doesn't get any better with all their suspensions & injuries against deportivo who completely outplayed the madrid boys and were 2-0 up by the half. goal # 3 was yet another example of madrid's defense not marking & losing track of the attacking players - just ask becks who was seen on the bench shaking his head in despair. the only positive: a beautiful raul goal (who just gets hotter by the day).

my bilbao lose twice - once in a basque derby against osasuna (on the top of the table but beaten by barca the week before) - and are bottom of the table.
no goals from torres but atletico madrid will take the 2 wins anyway.
and barca keep on winning - once against bilbao as already mentioned, and another against malaga. it's nice to see larsson back & scoring again.

week 12 & 13 of ligue 1

for all the talk of chelsea & juve's domination in their respective leagues, the real run away leader for me is lyon. 13 games and still not a loss and never really looking too troubled. take the metz game, a 4-0 demolition away from home. the type of game that once one goal was scored, you knew there were going to be loads more. the metz boys looked so depressed at halftime that i am absolutely amazed that they came back out for the second half.the best of this bunch was a wiltord header.

psg manage a laboured win against nancy & then lose 2-0 to auxerre. they never looked in that game and then my cutie pieroni comes on and seals it.

saint-etienne continue their good form with two wins - one a very impressive win against a resurgent marseille. that was a terrific game all around: fans going wild, marseille taking the lead but the home team taking control and scoring some nice goals. barthez was acting like his usual insane self but the real highlight was the camera showing a section of st. etienne supporters: all young fit shirtless men. i suddenly think i need to go to a st. etienne home game. *must practice my french*

bordeaux are also still looking good - currently second in the table -with a draw & a win while monaco are still swinging from loss (against sochaux) to a win (against my little corsicans).

let's quickly talk about how pitiful my ajaccio have become. after a brilliant start to the season, we've had 4 losses in a row, haven't won since september, and have had one shot on goal via a freekick in the last two games. if that's not relegation form, then i don't know what is. *cries*

week 10 of the epl

everton v chelsea
ooooooh, everyone must be so excited! it's a chelsea blip! they dropped points!!!
yeah yeah. i knew we wouldn't go the whole season only winning games.... even the fanf*ckingtabulous arsenal squad of divers & cheats went on their unbeaten streak with quite a few undeserved draws. but the criticism is always so much more virulent when it comes to chelsea.
i will say it was a tough game - everton did the blackburn tactic of loads of physical play and it worked against us. just look at poor jt's nose for proof of that. at least my frankie got us a point with a beauty of a goal. wasn't he the one who was supposed to be having some kind of blip? you're havin' a laff.

arsenal v man city
but who cares about chelsea when you get the high-quality entertainment from the arse this week? step right up & see the pires & titi farce! one night only because wegner will probably kill them if they try this crap again. the true laughing point was the overall pitiful performance by the gunners.

newcastle v sunderland
but the real game of the weekend was the derby between newcastle & sunderland. any game that gives you 4 goals in 7 minutes deserves the term "cracker" or something like that. it was also the usual derby atmosphere of fouls & tackles & pushes & nasty looks but there were some really lovely goals to take your mind off all that like the ameobi headers and the elliott goal.

bolton v west brom
big sam fashion watch: he was enjoying the game in an excellent pinstripe suit with a diagonal striped tie in grey, gold and red. and why wouldn't he enjoy this 2-0 win that could have easily gone the other way when west brom won a penalty & scored it but had to retake it and the poor boy missed the second one.

week 7 & 8 of serie a

roma crisis?
well, technically yes since we managed to lose to 10 men Empoli but we at least pick ourselves up for the all important derby. we don't win but it's certainly a better showing from the boys than any other showing of late - including a nice display of sparklers by the romanistas. not that i'm biased but there were certainly some yellow cards not dished out to lazio that really should have been. if only because they are b*stards. and nonda needs to learn to hit the target please & thank you.
totti shows up, has a lovely goal, and then gives us one of the most talked about celebrations evah with his "i'm pregnant with a ball and let me pop it out right here on the running track" show. niiiiiice.

my lovely luca toni (mmmmm luca toni) doesn't manage to score against the naziob*stards but he makes up for it with a hattrick against parma. it was absolutely criminal that he did not get stripped naked for that! where do i start my protest?!!?! oh, and fiore had a nice goal in that game as well. if it wasn't for the fact that luca toni is on fire right now, and so damn hot (mmmm luca toni), fiore would be heralded as the hero of this team.

milan & juve both manage wins to set up their upcoming match as does inter - one of those wins being a 5-0 drumming of livorno. livorno was a shambles without their captain and didn't receive any help when coco was red carded.