03 November 2005

week 9 & 10 of serie a

holy crap. are roma having a winning streak??? 3 wins in a row - one in europe - and we are suddenly in the top half of the table and better yet, WE ARE AHEAD OF LAZIO!!! let me enjoy it while it lasts....
let's revel in the win against inter.... at the freakin san siro!!! the stadium that had a hex on us for so long and we made it look so easy... at first. of course, once we were 3-0 up, we looked like we could fall apart at any moment, but hey, that's roma. let me bask in the montella goal opening the scoring and then that incredible totti run that was sealed with a cute little chip over the keeper to make it 2-0. and then as soon as the second half begins, il capitano steps up & scores a penalty. yes, he was red carded in the dying moments of the game but hey, what's a roma trip to the san siro without a red card for totti?
but we don't stop with the red cards there. my cutie chivu manages to get one at home against ascoli, and then they equalize but then a miracle happens.... mexes comes on for chivu and instead of immediately getting a red card himself, he scores! yes, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me too.

did someone say luca toni? mmmmm luca toni. i just noticed, looking at the stats, that fiorentina have not scored in 2 of their 10 games. all other 8 games, toni has scored. that's amazing. he has 12 goals in 8 games essentially. and he's hot. no, make that really really hot.

speaking of nice goals.... did you see the 2 fantastic goals by ex-roma boy d'agostino? those were absolutely amazing. i'm glad to see he is getting the playing time & his game is improving. maybe we'll see him again at roma one day.

the big game: milan v juve
for once, i am cheering on milan. and for once, milan do not disappoint me. they not only beat juve, they did it by playing so much better than the b*stards and making their much vaulted defense look like a shambles. everyone was on: gattuso ran around like a madman, seedorf scores a nice (deflected) goal, pirlo has a great freekick and nesta swings his arm cast towards ibrahimovic anytime he gets near the juve goal. perfect!


ray said...

hey..just manage to chance upon your blog..quite like it..the game of soccer is so just beautiful..i'll be back for more=)

Elisa said...

Nikki, isn't it great about Roma and Totti. It must be the bambino. I was so mad. I Tivo'd the game on Gol TV and it was the wrong game. Aargh! But I followed it on Eurosport from work. Not the same but a beautiful win. Now we gotta giant kill Juve after the Fifa break. And Mexes is on fire. Not just a pretty face.

Luca Toni is something special, eh? And I was so proud of little Livorno, Lucarelli to the rescue. But my poor little Udinese is going thru a slump again? What is Iaquinta doing on the bench for the CL game? Cosmi take off the hat! Just kidding. And then they get killed at Milan. Oooh I hate them.

What is the deal with Adriano? Heartbreak? Misses Brazil? Wants to leave Inter? Hmmm interesting.

The Juve/Milan game was a good giant killing. Now someone has to beat Milan.