03 November 2005

week 7 & 8 of serie a

roma crisis?
well, technically yes since we managed to lose to 10 men Empoli but we at least pick ourselves up for the all important derby. we don't win but it's certainly a better showing from the boys than any other showing of late - including a nice display of sparklers by the romanistas. not that i'm biased but there were certainly some yellow cards not dished out to lazio that really should have been. if only because they are b*stards. and nonda needs to learn to hit the target please & thank you.
totti shows up, has a lovely goal, and then gives us one of the most talked about celebrations evah with his "i'm pregnant with a ball and let me pop it out right here on the running track" show. niiiiiice.

my lovely luca toni (mmmmm luca toni) doesn't manage to score against the naziob*stards but he makes up for it with a hattrick against parma. it was absolutely criminal that he did not get stripped naked for that! where do i start my protest?!!?! oh, and fiore had a nice goal in that game as well. if it wasn't for the fact that luca toni is on fire right now, and so damn hot (mmmm luca toni), fiore would be heralded as the hero of this team.

milan & juve both manage wins to set up their upcoming match as does inter - one of those wins being a 5-0 drumming of livorno. livorno was a shambles without their captain and didn't receive any help when coco was red carded.

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Elisa said...

Omigod Nikki you caught up. Impressive. I really didn't want to remember that Empoli Roma game. But hopefully we are getting it together now and managing our emotions.

God I just love the Calcio strikers tall, big and making their mark. It has got to be the most exciting league this year. Toni, Iaquinta, Caracciolo, - love it.

Poor little Livorno. Doesn't have the big money like the big clubs, but they get an A for effort.

Gawd I just hate Juve and Milan and Inter. And Lazio too. Derbies can be soooo boring sometimes.