03 November 2005

week 11 of the epl

chelsea v blackburn
wow - i think cech is actually having a bit of a bobble! 3 goals conceeded in 2 games??!! i'm shocked! at least chelsea are being "entertaining" by letting in goals and still scoring & winning in the end.... if you didn't get my intention there, that was a very sarcastic use of quotation marks.
was it my imagination or was it everytime that i saw a blackburn player on camera, he was swearing up a storm? and then mark hughes gets sent to the stands for protesting a little too much..... or maybe he was swearing.
anyway, frankie has a great game & scores a beauty of a freekick so i am pleased overall.

north london derby:
spurs won the first half, the arse the second so a 1-1 is fair. but it doesn't make up for the fact that spurs could have wrapped this up in the first 45 if they could have finished their chances. and, of course, it has to be that tw*t pires who scores... and WHY isn't there a public outcry against his "shhhhing" celebration like there was against frankie?? b*stards. and that goes double for lehman who is a bigger diver than half his team, which says a whole hell of a lot when you are talking about the olympic diving team that is the arse.

but the most entertaining game, for all non-manyoo fans, was the middlesbrough v manyoo match. i honestly can't remember the last time i have seen manyoo play this badly. boro simply dominated the game & mendieta had some fantastic goals. rio was an absolute mess & maybe alan smith lost all his talent when he shaved his head. when sir alex told him he was going to be the new "roy keane" i think alan took that a bit too literal. he could just join the richardson & ronaldo club and go short and curly. they could all go to the salon together and gossip about the nevillers & rio. it'd be super!

big sam fashion watch: an understated brown & cream look this week.

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Elisa said...

Put in the cutie Cudicini. Come on Special one! We need Carlo. And what is with the spat with Crespo before the ManU game - very strange. Nikki, they don't call them blackeye rovers for nothing. Bunch a bullies who love to beat up Chelsea.

The North London derby was very exciting. Very fast paced. Thank god Pires woke up at the end. Nail biter till the end.

Boy it's fun to see Manu slip. Hee Hee!

Liverpool finally played a good game in the Premiership against West Ham. The quality Pool team finally showed up for this game and the CL game vs Anderlecht. Come on boys we need consistency!