03 November 2005

week 12 & 13 of ligue 1

for all the talk of chelsea & juve's domination in their respective leagues, the real run away leader for me is lyon. 13 games and still not a loss and never really looking too troubled. take the metz game, a 4-0 demolition away from home. the type of game that once one goal was scored, you knew there were going to be loads more. the metz boys looked so depressed at halftime that i am absolutely amazed that they came back out for the second half.the best of this bunch was a wiltord header.

psg manage a laboured win against nancy & then lose 2-0 to auxerre. they never looked in that game and then my cutie pieroni comes on and seals it.

saint-etienne continue their good form with two wins - one a very impressive win against a resurgent marseille. that was a terrific game all around: fans going wild, marseille taking the lead but the home team taking control and scoring some nice goals. barthez was acting like his usual insane self but the real highlight was the camera showing a section of st. etienne supporters: all young fit shirtless men. i suddenly think i need to go to a st. etienne home game. *must practice my french*

bordeaux are also still looking good - currently second in the table -with a draw & a win while monaco are still swinging from loss (against sochaux) to a win (against my little corsicans).

let's quickly talk about how pitiful my ajaccio have become. after a brilliant start to the season, we've had 4 losses in a row, haven't won since september, and have had one shot on goal via a freekick in the last two games. if that's not relegation form, then i don't know what is. *cries*

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Elisa said...

PSG is so inconsistent. They make me want to pull my hair out. I don't get it. They have such quality but.... It seems to be a one man team, like my Arsenal =(.

St. Entienne needs to be more consistent too. They have a great solid defense and goalie, but they must score.

Bordeaux needs to score more. Their lead goal scorer is Chamakh with 3 goals. Yikes. But they are a solid complete team.

Poor little Ajaccio. Lyon is on fire. Cacapa and Fred are on my fantasy team and can do no wrong. I just want a little more competition at the top. But 2 - 5 is very tight in Ligue 1.